Introducing eBulk knowledge Hub

eBulk Knowledge Hub Logo.png

We are pleased to announce that tomorrow we will be launching V1.0 of the eBulk Knowledge Hub.

The Hub has been created to act as a direct replacement for the existing Client Zone. Whilst most of you in the PES world won’t come across this, it will be used by all of our existing eBulk clients, candidates and any new companies joining Security Watchdog’s books.

The Knowledge Hub has hundreds of questions and answers which can be found through our new smart search box. The aim of this product is to reduce the amount of enquiries coming through the phones and email and give clients and candidates a fast and easy way to find the answers to their queries on all aspects of criminality checking both here in the UK and Internationally.

Security Watchdog achieves recertification to ISO27001

It is with tremendous pride that Security Watchdog can announce that we have retained our ISO27001 certification following the audit in November.

The ISO27001 standard has become a ‘must-have’ for any business serious about handling PII and covers all elements of data security both physical and digital.

Thanks to the sterling work carried out by The Advisory Bureau, we have not only retained this essential certified standard, but done so with NO non-conformities or recommended actions!

This is an excellent achievement for Security Watchdog, and in no small part down to the hard work of Mark Grudgings and Dan Whitley who have both worked extremely hard to ensure that the required standards are maintained and evidenced prior to Mark and Rob Allinson hosting the auditors in November.

We would also like to thank every member of the Watchdog family for their diligence throughout the year, adhering to the necessary processes and standards which enable us to achieve accreditations such as ISO27001.

A Christmas message from Susie

Hello Everyone

As we wind down to the holidays and look forward to precious time with family and friends, I would like to thank everyone in the Watchdog ‘family’ for a brilliant 2018 and for all your hard work, commitment, and enthusiasm this year. On behalf of the leadership team, we wish you a peaceful and happy break, and look forward to celebrating with you all in the New Year at our 21st Birthday bash. 

Warmest regards



Capita's "Celebrating our Local Heroes" Awarded to one of our own

We are pleased to announce that our own Head of Marketing and Innovation has been not only nominated for the Capita “Celebrating our Local Heroes” award, but has been selected to move forward into the Divisional stage of the competition!

Matt Payne, nominated in the “Delivering Innovation and Creativity” category, beat off competition from throughout Capita and came first in the group this month.

In recognition of his achievement so far, Matt has been awarded a gift voucher, with the potential to win a further prize if he is selected by Capita Chief Executive Jon Lewis.

For those of you unfamiliar with Matts work, his original nomination states:

“Not only is Matt able to complete the build of a complex website in a day, making compelling videos and presentations, delivering on visuals to supporting great internal communication, writing the content and designing the frame of a company magazine, but he is also able to generate innovative business concepts and products to take to our market in the employment screening space.  

He is a one-stop shop – he is not only the feed and generator in our product development space, he can then also digitally market our innovation! An example of this is when he and a team of criminality check experts at Security Watchdog nurtured the idea of a self-service criminality check via our system. After four weeks of discussion and planning, the product has been launched and now fills a growing requirement from our customer base.

Matt is a beacon of creative positivity and he enters every project or accepts every requirement with a winning mentality. His design, flair and creativity around the ‘art of the possible’ lights up our own entrepreneurial spirit. The work he produces both internally and externally makes us so proud of Security Watchdog and Capita plc.”

Matt, who remained unaware of his nomination until being informed that he had come first in his category is delighted with the news, saying

“This has come as a total shock to me – I’d like to thank whoever nominated me, and really appreciate that my work at Security Watchdog is viewed so highly!”

Congratulations Matt, and keep up the great work!

Christmas Jumper Day 2018

Hi all,

I have received the below email from the charity we supported with our Christmas Jumper day, thank you to everyone who donated!

I want to thank you for your part in helping to raise £114.51 for Home-Start WeyWater, through your Christmas jumper day last Friday.

We are very grateful for the effort you have put in to making this happen.

An official letter will be sent shortly, but we wanted to thank you, individually, for your work.

With best wishes,

Sue and all at Home-Start WeyWater

Xmas 2018.jpg

Welcoming Lucy Ratcliffe

Lucy has recently joined Security Watchdog as Design and Marketing assistant as of the 13th of November. After 4 years at Portsmouth university she graduated with a BA (Hons) and MA in Graphic Design. Alongside the MA, Lucy worked for a digital marketing agency in Petersfield, gaining experience in the commercial side of Design. In joining Security Watchdog, Lucy hopes to gain more experience in the world of marketing with opportunities to challenge herself and better her skills.

“Within the business, my current obligation is to rebrand documents to ensure consistency throughout the business. Moving forward, I will be involved in all aspects on design and marketing within Security Watchdog. If you request any marketing material such as; branded word documents, presentations or letterheads we will be creating a generic folder for easy access (to be announced). Requests for more complex materials, documents unsuited to the available templates or something completely different can be e-mailed to me at and I can create a document for individual specialist requirements.

Thank you to all for such a warm welcome, I look forward to the future challenges and opportunities within the business.”

Delight Through Excellence Career Paths

In the coming weeks, Ian Ross will be launching the Delight Through Excellence Career Path project. He is looking for Screeners and CLO’s to join a steering group where the chosen participants will have the opportunity to help create the process and structure of how Security Watchdog promotes it’s employees.

If you would like to be part of this steering group then please contact Ian Ross directly. Thanks.

The new look Security Watchdog

Hi all, here in the Marketing department we have recently started to implement updated branding throughout the business. Over the last 2 years the branding has moved away from the light blue and orange (peach to some) and into a more simple blue and white combination.

We are now at the stage where we want to add some “zest” to the brand and have now added a Capita blue and pink to the line up. You might have noticed the not so subtle pink handrails in C&P house!

Over the coming weeks and months, myself and Lucy Ratcliffe will be creating lots of new items for you to use, including letterhead and PowerPoint templates. We will send out company wide documents when these are signed off and available.

Below are some examples of the new look…

Promotions at Security Watchdog

Hi all, we would like to congratulate the following people for their promotions within Security Watchdog…

  • Kirsty Spittles - Heads of Ops

  • Kim Veck - Heads of Ops

  • Sam Capes - Heads of Ops

  • Rory Hearnshaw - SDM

  • Melissa Small - SDM

  • Danielle Marie - SDM

  • Jon Harrington - SDM

  • Roz Lewis - Key Account Manager

  • Emily Keefe - Key Account Manager

  • Craig Hendry - Key Account Manager

  • Fran Ruffles - Team Leader

  • Mitch Langford - Team Leader

  • Alex Powell - Team Leader

  • Patrick Higgs - Team Leader

  • Tash Haynes - Team Leader

  • Katie Moore - Team Leader

  • John Raisbeck - Team Leader

Well done everyone!

The SW Christmas Food Bank and Christmas Jumper Day

From 1st December we wish to encourage all staff members to bring in food for the local food bank in Alton, to help locals in crisis leading up to the Christmas period. We plan to have this as an open donation from 3rd December – 14th December.

On the 14th we will have a Christmas Jumper Day

(bring in £1 to wear Xmas jumper) and we take all of the food over to the local food bank in Market Square.

The money raised from the £1 donations to wear an Xmas jumper on the 14th will be given to a charity called Home Start Santa Run. They support local parents with young children from emotional support to fun days out and seasonal events.

More about Home Start Santa

Home Start Hampshire (WeyWater) is a charity operating in the Alton, Bordon and Liphook area.  We work with families who have at least one child under the age of five, where the family are experiencing problems.  Volunteers visit families at home each week, supporting parents in situations as diverse as isolation, bereavement, multiple births, illness, disability or who are just finding parenting a struggle. They provide non-judgemental, practical and emotional support and help build the family’s confidence and ability to cope.  We say we are the fence at the top of the cliff that prevents the family falling over the edge; we help to prevent family crisis and breakdown. We organise fun days out and other seasonal events and so offer opportunities for families and volunteers to meet each other. Our aim is to provide a valuable, and practical, support service that makes a real difference to family life.  We also run a group in Alton to provide support and wider opportunities to families.

As the scheme is independent we are responsible for raising all the funds necessary to provide the service.  Money raised goes for core funding of the service including training our volunteers -  to recruit, train, and support a volunteer through their first year of volunteering  costs £1500,  and to one-off projects such as days out in summer to Alice Holt Forest. Our Santa Run and associated fundraising at Christmas is our largest fundraising event and we aim to raise at least £4000.  Thank you from all the families and children for contributing to this.