Will maddocks is cycling for dementia


Hi all, Will M is taking on 1000 miles to help with the fight against dementia.

“I'm inspired by the work of Alzheimer's Research UK and wanted to support them by raising money as part of my participation in Cycling Down Dementia 2018 The Epic Challenge - 1,000 miles. Please help me help them by giving whatever you can using the 'Give Now' button. The more people that know about Alzheimer's Research UK, the greater their impact, so please also spread the word by sharing my page with your friends and family. Thank you in advance for your generosity, it means a lot!”

If you can, please can you all donate towards this great cause. Thanks

https://cycling-down-dementia-2018-the-epic-challenge-1000 miles.everydayhero.com/uk/will-1

Physical Security - Just ask

Are you a Watchdog? Do you watch your tail? Do you know that face?

Physical security is the cornerstone of protecting any business from threats like someone walking in unchallenged and wandering off with a laptop. If you see doors or windows left open before COP, be responsible and shut or lock them down.

Staff lanyards must be visible at all times, and anyone without one should be challenged.

How do you challenge for a badge? Just ask, - If they can’t identify themselves to you, do not allow them access to site. Senior staff at Security Watchdog will always support you challenging anyone that you don’t know for their badge.

If you chose not to challenge someone without identification because you feel at risk, you must IMMEDIATELY speak to a colleague or manager to raise the alarm.

If you’d like advice or guidance, or have spotted anything untoward around the buildings, speak to your Information Security Team.

An introduction to recycling - Madelaine Kiss

Go Green Logo.jpg

Why is recycling important?

Many of us know little about recycling and the importance of it. The word itself means converting waste into reusable material, saving and preserving our precious natural resources and reducing the waste sent to landfill. Recycling not only saves energy, it also helps reduce pollution and creates jobs.

Selective waste collection, however is rather a tool than a goal, because we can do so much more for a lovely, clean and green environment!

So how to get started?

1. Green shopping

The first thing we can do is refuse to pay for packaging! Supermarkets and most of stores would use wrap up everything: two avocados on a tray in a plastic bag, broccoli wrapped in plastic film, packaged fruit, etc. This is totally useless, costs you more money and worst of all non-recyclable! Go to local markets instead, just like your Granny! Markets offer fresher, tastier and cheaper veggies, fruits, a variety of breads and even meat.

Shopping is a decision. It is up to you who you are supporting with your money!

2. Reuse / Repurpose

Many of our everyday household items can be reused instead of being disposed of. The internet is full of great ideas and it only takes some research and a little creativity to repurpose items which you thought were not needed anymore. Think of glass bottles and jars turned into lovely vases or filled with home-made candle, tissue boxes converted into drawer dividers or little bins for your desk/bathroom/car, old wellies shifted to flower pots, cool shopping bags from T-shirts – the possibilities are nearly endless!

Also, if something is broken, try to fix it instead of buying a new one immediately.

You can give a second life to your unwanted clothes or other good quality items, too. Your local charity shops will be glad to receive those, and you will be supporting a good cause, too. So please donate generously!

3. Recycle

Unfortunately, we cannot avoid throwing things away, but we can do that the smart way! Collect recyclables separately. Use a paper bag for paper and cardboard as those must be clean and dry, collect glass in a box or crate, start using a bin for biodegradable waste. Check your local government’s website for more information on the recyclable materials in your neighbourhood.

Don’t wait until tomorrow, Go Green today!

Employee assistance Programme

Employee Assistance Programme Poster.jpg

Installing the CareFirst app

  1. From any mobile device, PC or laptop, enter the web address www.care-first.co.uk/signup.

  2. Enter details in the relevant fields and a password of your choosing.

  3. Type the code for your organisation and click the register button - AVIVAIYP1116.

  4. If you are on a mobile device, you will automatically be taken to your appropriate App Store to download EAP In Your Pocket. If your details are entered on a PC or Laptop, you will be sent an email with a link. Use this link when you are next on a mobile device and follow the next steps.

  5. When the App is downloaded, open it, enter the coupon code you used to register and you will be instructed by the DAP character to ‘Visit Stress Free Island’ - Click continue.

  6. You will automatically be diverted to The Stress Free Island App for the store appropriate to your device. Download and press open.

  7. Stress Free Island will automatically open. Click ‘login’ and enter your username and password. If you click ‘remember me’ you will only need to do this once.

Email threats

1 in 136 emails contain malicious attachments |  Fake invoices and delivery notifications are the most likely delivery methods for threats. | Email-delivered Ransomware damages exceeded $5 Billion last year alone.

A companies mail control technology can only protect against email threats to a point, and so businesses rely on staff awareness to manage email threats. Every day new Information Security threats emerge, and the vast majority of these threats get into a business by common old email. We need you to be our best line of defence.

Golden rules when dealing with emails:

  • Attachments cause the biggest business risk, so please think very carefully about what you might be opening, where you’re sending it, and who you’re sending it to.

  • Are you expecting the email? Is it relevant? If not, delete it.

  • If something looks suspicious, or too good to be true…it probably is.

Remember, if you think you’ve opened a malicious email, contact your Information Security Team just in case.

Who are the Security Watchdog InfoSec Team?

It’s a good time to remind everyone who our InfoSec Team is. We are the people to speak to if you are ever unsure about something which looks suspicious, or want advice or guidance around physical or digital Security.

We're specifically here to support and improve Security Watchdogs Information Security presence with your help, so speak to us whenever you need.

  • Rob Allinson - Chief Risk and Business Assurance Officer

  • Dan Whitley - Business Assurance Executive

  • Mark Grudgings - InfoSec Manager

The InfoSec team are available on email, skype, and mobile, or alternatively pop over and speak to any of us directly.

Great feedback for the eBulk team

I just wanted to let you know how pleased and impressed I am with the recent service we have received from you.

We recently changed our OFSTED registration and was subsequently issued with a new EY Ref No. The change over and new log in process were seamless and the few little teething problems that occurred were dealt with quickly and professionally.

Thank you for offering such a great service and well done.
— Elaine Sims - Assistant to Director of Nursery - The Cottage Pre-School

Sarah Griffiths is doing the Great South Run!


From Sarah…

“On 21st October my sister and I will be running the Great South Run (10 miles) to raise money for Alzheimer’s Society in memory of our Grandad who lost his battle with Dementia in January of this year.

For those of you that know me well, you will know this run will be a struggle for me and my sister and not something we have ever considered doing before. If you would like to support us both and raise money for the Alzheimer’s Society, please click the below link to donate or feel free to support us on the day in Portsmouth.”

Donate now

A huge thank you from Sarah and her sister.

VOLTi3 Innovation Competition

Last month we asked everyone to give their opinions on our VOLTi3 system. We had some great feedback and here are your winners…

Winners of the £25 vouchers are:

  • Luke Moulder

  • Kelly Page

  • Sophie Prosser

  • Luke Rooney

  • Francesca Ruffles

  • Rob Thomas

  • John Williams

  • Charlotte Rhodes

  • James Baird

  • Ryan Beavington

  • Katie Bird

  • Sam Capes

  • Lucy Bonner

  • Fraser Elliott

  • Ryan James

  • Elysia Matthews

Winners of the £50 vouchers are:

Lucy Bonner – Progress tracker for candidates and the ability for CLO’s and Screeners to leave notes under the progress tracker to highlight any outstanding items

Rob Thomas – Direct document tracker similar to how you add a credit card to your iphone wallet. Visibility of each check completed and notifications sent to candidates

Sam Capes - Hover over options to describe what info is required when uploading documentation.

Well done and thank you to everyone who took part.

Our People Survey - Capita Group Survey - Starts Tomorrow

Hi everyone, please be aware that tomorrow Capita will launch it’s Our People survey.

As you know, Capita is part way through a multi-year transformation. Our people are a significant part of Capita’s future success and we want to know how you feel about working for the organisation and get a better understanding of where we can make further improvements.

This survey gives all our people an opportunity to share feedback and views about what it’s like to work for their particular business and Capita as a whole.

The responses received will feed into Capita’s transformation plans by informing where improvements can be made as well as feeding back where the business is doing well.

Lets all lean in and ensure we all complete the survey as soon as possible. Thanks