Staff Profile - Kieron Harding


Kieron provides support for Security Watchdog's core business apps ensuring that fault calls are logged, triaged and then managed to a status of resolution within the associated levels of service by collaborating with the members of the SW IT team or 3rd party suppliers.

He also manages our hardware inventory ensuring that equipment is given to new starters as soon as possible.

"My main focus at current is to provide support for our VOLTi3 and CIS systems both internally to users within SW and clients externally".


Important information - Visitors Policy

To All Staff

I would like to bring your attention the Security Watchdog policy on Visitors to the operational floors in Cross & Pillory House and Market Square.

Planned Client Visits

Visits by either prospective clients or existing clients are carefully managed by the Sales and CRM Teams respectively. You will receive prior notification of who will be attending site in advance of the visit and you will see the welcome notices laid out for them. All visitors will be signed in and issued with a visible visitor’s pass and they will be escorted on site at all times by SW staff. This is a controlled visit and poses minimal risk to Security Watchdog.

Unplanned Visits

Unannounced visits are not uncommon yet they pose the greatest risk to Security Watchdog as they have not been planned for and can prove disruptive to the day. These may simply be delivery drivers or maintenance staff but equally can be candidates looking to deliver documents, employees currently on maternity leave ‘dropping in’ outside of a KIT day or even ex-employees looking to speak with previous friends, colleagues or managers. It is essential that we do not treat such visits with complacency even if the visitor is known to us and we still follow the below rules:

1. ALL visitors must be signed in and be issued with a Visitor Pass

2. ALL Visitors must wait in the reception area until their host arrives

3. If a visitor needs to enter the operational floor to make a delivery, collect items or go to a meeting room they must be escorted at all times.

4. Ex-Employees are only permitted access to the operational floor at Cross & Pillory and Market Place with the express authorisation of a SW Director, Terri Jones or one of the Heads of Operations. If authorisation is not obtained the meeting must remain in the reception area or off-site.

It is also important that we remain vigilant in respect of the Physical Security controls that are in place to ensure the safety and security of Security Watchdog and its employees and ask that you all continue ensure that doors are properly closed behind you, do not permit anyone to tailgate you and challenge anyone attempting to gain entry without a visible ID Badge.

Thank you in advance for your co-operation in this matter.

Ewan Tweedie
Director Group Risk & Quality Assurance

More great feedback

It has not been an easy transition for Hays since Luke Bellamy left however, Jonathan has been amazing and made it so much easier to adjust.

He is always available to help or offer advice and guidance, if he doesn’t have the answer he goes above and beyond to find it and get back to us as quickly possible. We work in a very fast paced Business so it really has helped having Jonathan there to help.

He is also very good at keeping us updated and well informed on the progress of resolving issues and this has really helped when it comes to informing our Business.

I know hard work sometimes goes unnoticed so wanted to just make you aware.

Kind regards,

Amy Hilton - Compliance Support Services Manager
Hays Group Compliance

Feedback from EasyJet

"I just want to say how amazing both Hannah and Maisie have been this week, in ensuring the delivery of the 25th July course, who graduate from their training today, They have both worked incredibly hard to get a few very difficult files turned around and out the door to us.

The communication from both and the ‘wanting to deliver’ attitude from both has been recognised by the entire EasyJet team this week." - Carly Albon, EasyJet.

Well done guys!