DON'T FORGET - Organisational Health Index (OHI) Survey

Capita has requested that we all complete a survey on organisational health.

This survey is designed to help understand how to make Capita a healthy, high performing organisation. Capita needs your opinions and assessments to identify strengths to build on, opportunities for improvement, and obstacles standing in the way of greater success. We would like to understand your views on Capita based on your own experience of working within the organization.

Your OHI survey responses are treated as confidential. To help ensure that individual responses are not identifiable, responses are aggregated prior to being returned to Capita and are subject to minimum group size restrictions. Responses are analysed directly and by comparison to the OHI benchmarking database operated by McKinsey & Company. Results of the survey and benchmarking analyses are presented to Capita based on collective or demographically sorted answers only, and do not include individual responses.