VOLTi3 Training updates

The training on our new VOLTi3 system is going fantastically well! We are ensuring Phase 1 of the migrations are being prioritised ready for the big GO LIVE on WC 23rd October.

Training Zone would like to give a massive shout out to Olga’s new starters Amy Hopes, Lauren Samways and Georgia Worth who have encountered VOLTi3 training and are already beginning to work on the new system whilst only just joining SW since a matter of two weeks ago. We have several upcoming further sessions with all roles within Phase 1 including Service Delivery Managers and Team Leaders who will become SME’s of the new system to assist their clients, candidates and colleagues.

In the near future, Training Zone will be organising several events to maximise all knowledge for all job types:

  • Drop In Centres
  • Lunch & Learns
  • FAQ’s / Training Videos
  • Updates on Training Wiki
  • Refresher training for all staff throughout each ‘phase’.

All current FAQ’s and training videos are now available at your convenience and leisure; to access these please follow: W Drive / Ops / VOLTi3 Guides