Capita's "Celebrating our Local Heroes" Awarded to one of our own

We are pleased to announce that our own Head of Marketing and Innovation has been not only nominated for the Capita “Celebrating our Local Heroes” award, but has been selected to move forward into the Divisional stage of the competition!

Matt Payne, nominated in the “Delivering Innovation and Creativity” category, beat off competition from throughout Capita and came first in the group this month.

In recognition of his achievement so far, Matt has been awarded a gift voucher, with the potential to win a further prize if he is selected by Capita Chief Executive Jon Lewis.

For those of you unfamiliar with Matts work, his original nomination states:

“Not only is Matt able to complete the build of a complex website in a day, making compelling videos and presentations, delivering on visuals to supporting great internal communication, writing the content and designing the frame of a company magazine, but he is also able to generate innovative business concepts and products to take to our market in the employment screening space.  

He is a one-stop shop – he is not only the feed and generator in our product development space, he can then also digitally market our innovation! An example of this is when he and a team of criminality check experts at Security Watchdog nurtured the idea of a self-service criminality check via our system. After four weeks of discussion and planning, the product has been launched and now fills a growing requirement from our customer base.

Matt is a beacon of creative positivity and he enters every project or accepts every requirement with a winning mentality. His design, flair and creativity around the ‘art of the possible’ lights up our own entrepreneurial spirit. The work he produces both internally and externally makes us so proud of Security Watchdog and Capita plc.”

Matt, who remained unaware of his nomination until being informed that he had come first in his category is delighted with the news, saying

“This has come as a total shock to me – I’d like to thank whoever nominated me, and really appreciate that my work at Security Watchdog is viewed so highly!”

Congratulations Matt, and keep up the great work!

Matthew Payne