Email threats

1 in 136 emails contain malicious attachments |  Fake invoices and delivery notifications are the most likely delivery methods for threats. | Email-delivered Ransomware damages exceeded $5 Billion last year alone.

A companies mail control technology can only protect against email threats to a point, and so businesses rely on staff awareness to manage email threats. Every day new Information Security threats emerge, and the vast majority of these threats get into a business by common old email. We need you to be our best line of defence.

Golden rules when dealing with emails:

  • Attachments cause the biggest business risk, so please think very carefully about what you might be opening, where you’re sending it, and who you’re sending it to.

  • Are you expecting the email? Is it relevant? If not, delete it.

  • If something looks suspicious, or too good to be true…it probably is.

Remember, if you think you’ve opened a malicious email, contact your Information Security Team just in case.

Matthew Payne