More great feedback!

WARNING – the following email is full of cheese read at your own risk! 😊

I just wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone at SW that look after Nationwide cases from upload through to completion.

I know that the number of files that we get, you are getting too and I am sure sometimes you think oh my god not another call from Claire but you are all always so nice and really do make the partnership work. I really like working with you all and just wanted to say a massive thank you!

Shout outs:

Jake and Mitch (the duo) for always being polite no matter how many times I call! 😊
Kerry for always being the one who can get anything done! 😊
The compliance team for getting the files over the line ever when there is a very tight schedule!!! 😊

Thank you again
— Claire Rendell | Resourcing Services Administrator | People and Culture