Physical Security - Just ask

Are you a Watchdog? Do you watch your tail? Do you know that face?

Physical security is the cornerstone of protecting any business from threats like someone walking in unchallenged and wandering off with a laptop. If you see doors or windows left open before COP, be responsible and shut or lock them down.

Staff lanyards must be visible at all times, and anyone without one should be challenged.

How do you challenge for a badge? Just ask, - If they can’t identify themselves to you, do not allow them access to site. Senior staff at Security Watchdog will always support you challenging anyone that you don’t know for their badge.

If you chose not to challenge someone without identification because you feel at risk, you must IMMEDIATELY speak to a colleague or manager to raise the alarm.

If you’d like advice or guidance, or have spotted anything untoward around the buildings, speak to your Information Security Team.

Matthew Payne