VOLTi3 Innovation Competition

Last month we asked everyone to give their opinions on our VOLTi3 system. We had some great feedback and here are your winners…

Winners of the £25 vouchers are:

  • Luke Moulder

  • Kelly Page

  • Sophie Prosser

  • Luke Rooney

  • Francesca Ruffles

  • Rob Thomas

  • John Williams

  • Charlotte Rhodes

  • James Baird

  • Ryan Beavington

  • Katie Bird

  • Sam Capes

  • Lucy Bonner

  • Fraser Elliott

  • Ryan James

  • Elysia Matthews

Winners of the £50 vouchers are:

Lucy Bonner – Progress tracker for candidates and the ability for CLO’s and Screeners to leave notes under the progress tracker to highlight any outstanding items

Rob Thomas – Direct document tracker similar to how you add a credit card to your iphone wallet. Visibility of each check completed and notifications sent to candidates

Sam Capes - Hover over options to describe what info is required when uploading documentation.

Well done and thank you to everyone who took part.

Matthew Payne