Live Lab update

Hi All, Since our last check in with you all we have continued to work through our planned “Sprints” and have completed our 6th!

Firstly, a very big welcome to Deloitte and KPMG who joined Live Lab on Monday. We had a very successful morning with both teams last week where we were able to understand current issues they face day to day, as well as sharing ideas on how they believe we can overcome these.


We have successfully implemented the following:

  • Workaround templates have been improved to allow the team to generate and send from the system with minimal to no editing required

  • Welcome and Chase emails have been updated and now include specific information on what documentation is required along with acceptable/unacceptable examples. Visual aids have been added to assist instruction

  • CLO specific templates have been implemented to allow the CLOs to generate these from the system when required

  • Text templates have been created and implemented into daily process to increase candidate response time to emails requesting additional information/documentation

  • A Live Lab ideas box has been placed on the 2nd floor of C&P

  • Team WIP sheets are now stored and worked from in a central folder so the team can effectively work on individual chasing/work load when assisting with other cases

  • Expansion of Live Lab

So how did we get on?

We have seen an incredible decrease to the number of incorrect documents received when booking on. Prior to the change, 58% of cases submitted contained incorrect documentation.

We now see an average of only 9%, which shows the positive impact of the change to Welcome and Chase emails.

The team now spend less time on workaround requests when sending out templates as they no longer need to manually enter candidate information as this is pulled through by coding.

Previously, the CLOs were copying their saved templates from a Word document and manually entering candidate information when requesting additional information from the candidate.

Now they can generate these templates from the system with candidate information pre-populated via coding.


All three teams have been helping us design the upgraded Candidate and Operational portals. They have been able to review and provide constructive criticism where they see fit to help guide the design towards a suitable fit for operational use.

This week, Deloitte and KPMG have started their daily Stand Ups. They have been able to identify potential risks each morning and suggest ways to resolve these before they become an issue.

An important part of this week will be planning future Sprints for both Deloitte and KPMG. Our initial aim is to implement the most successful changes that we know have positively impacted the Vodafone Team.

We will, of course, share full details of this next week.

How can you get involved?

As you already know, the Live Lab room is always open. Feel free to look around and speak to the teams!

Matthew Payne