Behind the Screens - Rachel Stokel-Walker

Rachel Stokel-Walker

Chief Operational Compliance Officer

After completing a degree in Sociology at Durham University, Rachel discovered that she had a passion for upholding standards and ensuring that only those that are suitable, are working in positions of trust. From this, her roles for the last 10 years include law enforcement and defence sector environments in vetting, security and investigating systems misuse.

Having joined Hampshire Constabulary’s Disclosure & Barring Service Unit, Rachel then moved to Professional Standards and worked within internal vetting.

She became the Constabulary’s proactive systems auditor and was examining a variety of police IT systems to investigate potential misuse and support misconduct and criminal investigations.

Two years ago, Rachel held a role within Security for Lockheed Martin in the implementation and continuation of personnel and physical security measures and procedures required to protect UK staff, technology and premises.

In January 2019 Rachel joined Security Watchdog as Chief Operational Compliance Officer combining her love of rules and passion for ensuring the right people are in the right positions.

In her spare time, if Rachel isn’t in Europe for a long weekend, she’s going to wine tastings, baking or visiting family and friends in Newcastle.

Rules are a basis for everything and Compliance means making sure rules are followed – they’re there to tell us what needs to be done and how to do it.

Compliance in Security Watchdog is vital as it supports in identifying, preventing, monitoring, resolving and advising on risk across the operation through compliance audits, risk & insider threat frameworks, and compliance initiatives and campaigns.
Lucy Ratcliffe