Behind the Screens - Jonathan Harrington

Jonathan Harrington

Criminality Service Delivery Manager

Before his career at Security Watchdog, Jon worked in a variety of customer service roles in Cardiff. However, his aim was to move to Hampshire and in 2014 he was invited to interview at Security Watchdog.

After a successful interview, Jon joined the Security Watchdog team as a Screening Executive and although he enjoyed many aspects of the role, he found certain areas challenging resulting in compromised compliance scores.

Luckily, Jon’s manager recognised his enthusiasm and commitment and deemed him to be a better fit for a CLO role in which he seemed to thrive. He had always had an interest in criminality checks, finding it satisfying when spotting the fakes amongst other genuine right to work documents. To push this interest further, he made a request to be trained for DBS.

When a Team Leader position became available for a Criminality Team in Alton, Jon jumped at the chance. A role such as this involves high levels of organisation, good communication and problem-solving skills to ensure that a unique team of subject matter experts have all the support they need. The roles and responsibilities within the criminality team differ greatly as they are unlike any other department in Security Watchdog and with great mentors,

Jon grew as team leader showing great leadership qualities and determination to prove his quality in the role. 

In Jan 2018, Jon was able to take on further responsibilities in the role of Criminality Service Delivery Manager. Helping the wider business, client visits, presenting, meetings with the directors and working on bigger projects were all part of this role that he thoroughly enjoys.

He is now proud to say that he looks after such a vital department in Security Watchdog, enjoying the new challenges and exciting opportunities that every day brings.

When Jon isn’t enjoying his work at Security Watchdog, he enjoys taking long outdoor walks with Rollo his dog and regularly enjoys an audio book or natural history documentary.

A criminality check is a cornerstone to our pre-employment screening, and reassurance to our clients that they have the right people in the right role. Criminality checks can be a complex and daunting prospect for any candidate and I’m proud to boast that Security Watchdog has a department of experts on hand to assist with any query.
Lucy Ratcliffe