Bottle Top Recycling!

Here at Security Watchdog we all love a nice cup of tea or coffee and we all think that milk is an indispensable ingredient for the perfect ‘cuppa’. But what happens to the milk bottle tops once we dispose of them? Unfortunately, local recycling doesn’t accept them so they are getting thrown away, only to end up in our oceans and endanger marine life. Did you know, that every single piece of plastic ever produced still exists today?

Therefore, fresh handmade cosmetics producer company, Lush, has decided to step up and to try and minimise the production of plastic. By recycling and reusing different bottle tops, they are able to convert them into little cosmetics pots/containers for their products.

To help this cause designated boxes in all the C&P kitchens and the paper bag in in the Market Square kitchen are there to place all sorts of plastic bottle tops (milk, drink, cosmetics, cleaning etc) in order to be recycled. Please can we just make sure that we wash/rinse the bottle tops before placing them in the boxes, as Lush will only accept them if they are clean.

Thank you to everyone who is supporting this programme and helps reduce the production of plastic!

If you have any Go Green ideas or queries contact Madelaine:

Lucy Ratcliffe