CAPITA - Smarter Travel Campaign

It has recently been brought to light the importance of Smarter Travel. With the technology and tools we now have available in Capita, there are other ways to hold meetings, and we need to become smarter about how and when we choose to travel, meaning we do it only when necessary and are mindful of times and locations in which we meet. Therefore, over the course of the next few weeks we will be driving a campaign designed to support every colleague to make smarter travel decisions and have all the know-how needed to utilise our remote working tools (especially Microsoft Teams) to their full potential.

However, we understand that it is important to have face to face meetings with clients where possible, and this message is mainly reflective of the internal meetings between Capita Employees.

Please watch out for the guidance as well as invitations to ‘Smarter Travel’ sessions, more information is held at:

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Lucy Ratcliffe