Development Sessions

Hello everyone,

As you should be aware by now, we are using 5pm until 5:30pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays as training/development sessions.
An email was sent out by Sam Capes yesterday.

We have a long list of other subject areas that we will be adding to the agenda in the coming months, however would appreciate any feedback. Please use the form below to add any other suggestions you might have.

Some suggestions already received are below which will be discussed in upcoming sessions:

  • Screening overview for CLOs

  • CLO overview for screeners

  • Eligibility for DBS

  • Crim dep overview

  • E-bulk overview

  • VOLTi3 training (will gain specifics)

  • Checking/separating PDFs

  • SOP (once reviewed)

  • VOLTi3 features

  • Incident reporting

  • Subject access requests

  • Auditing overview via Skype

  • Blue Book

  • VOLTi3 Dashboards

  • New service desk (hosted by Keiron)

  • Training issues from Jira

  • Show and tell candidate portal (hosted by Terry)

  • Integrations

  • UAT testing

  • User access requests - internal and external

  • Deployments (Adam or Kathi happy to host)

  • CRM overview (Dan to host dependant on availability)

  • Notes

  • Telephone Etiquette

  • Credit card receipt

Matthew Payne