21st Event Breakout sessions findings

Hello everyone, the management team are keen to share the findings of the breakout sessions we had at the 21st event last Friday.
We will address these findings at Friday Forum on the 8th February.

Below are the findings…

I feel inspired, motivated and valued here at work

  • 121s are not happening as they should on the operational floor; we want feedback for us to feel valued

  • Keep us together in teams and stop moving us about; you say you’ll move us and then you don’t which doesn’t make us feel valued

  • Managers need to demonstrate empathy and respect; when they don’t, we end up repeating those same behaviours between us which leads to unacceptable levels of rudeness in how we communicate with each other

I am satisfied Capita is taking actions to be socially and environmentally responsible

  • There needs to be a greater awareness and education for all about the build-up of stress amongst us; please provide training

  • Great that we support charities on the subject, but we need to focus on internal first

  • Facilities – there is no chill out area or smoking area; where do we go?

I feel my immediate manager recognises work well done

  • Managers need to know the individual team members of their team well enough to gauge whether that staff member would prefer their work being recognised privately in 1-2-1’s or via email, or whether they would appreciate acknowledgement in front of the team or wider business at team meetings or Friday forums.

  • Friday Forums and OneVoice articles could be used to recognise work well done by individuals and teams, recognition for long service would also be appreciated.

  • Often managers do not sit with all team members and so are not always aware of the work staff are doing. More effort is needed to touch base and acknowledge the work of staff members they are not sitting with so that they don’t feel isolated and less of a participating team member.

I feel that there are opportunities to progress my career at Capita

  • The perception amongst employees is that there are not that many opportunities available; can we have a forum/more visibility to enable us to be aware of all opportunities within the business other than just TL & SDM?

  • People leave SW for different career paths – why do we not make them aware of the opportunities within Capita to keep the people rather than let them leave?

  • Opportunities for the CLO population seems very restrictive; after discussions it became apparent that there are CLOs within the business who have progressed, so maybe the perception needs to be addressed.

I feel proud to work for Capita

  • Capita as a whole (not Security Watchdog) is getting poor press and poor reputation

    • Possible idea to help this was a charity event for a local charity?  To help local PR.

  • Different departments don’t know each other or work together that well – Possible ideas on ways to help were:

    • Working for a day in another team.  EG CLO spending a day as a screener, Screener spending a day with IT, IT is spending a day with a CLO, etc…
      Could be included on people’s personal development plan, that in a single year, each person must spend one day each in two different roles.

    • More social events (although it was acknowledged that these are already organised and happening)

  • Lack of place to go (break out area) on breaks or lunchtime.  Some people eat lunch at desk, some in their cars, some in the foyer - But none of these is a nice area where you can relax and socialise as a group, in between work.  Lack of small available rooms for 1:1s.

I think Capita values the opinions of employees regardless of background and differences

  • CRM’s and OPS communicating different worlds & responsibilities combining ideas – Team Work.

  • Upon Interviewing, CV to be stored where certain skills have been disclosed.  E.g. Degrees in Uni like finance however here as a screener e.g. – keep records of people’s background skills for future opportunities in Watchdog.

  • When a suggestion is made for this to be recorded and praised in forum/OneVoice. Clear communication line/org chart know where/who to go to with certain ideas or queries.

I am satisfied with the ways my immediate manager helps me succeed in my job

  • Regular and consistent 121 with the managers with clear development plans with action and review

  • Access and guidance to supporting documentation for all current roles, e.g. training documents, specific e learning modules

  • Managers to continue to trust in their abilities and guide them when appropriate, my group felt that this enabled them to grow in confidence and lead the way in their specialist environments

I feel I have the support to do what is right for customers and our business

  • Tools to do the job: NGV shows all history, i3 doesn’t; candidate portal (user errors) 10% of time spent on this (acknowledged that this is being addressed); input from screeners into candidate portal build

  • Ops manual: time should be built into the SDM schedule to allow for Ops Manual updates to be made (at the moment no allowance is made for this so drops down the priority list).

  • Training: enhancing training programmes. There is a need to clearly communicate what we are doing to address this.

Matthew Payne