Mental Health Awareness Week

We encourage you to get involved, share your stories and help raise awareness about something that affects us all.

We’re supporting Mental Health Awareness Week’s Green Ribbon and ‘This is Me’ campaigns and raising awareness of the help available at Capita, and beyond, for anyone who has experienced mental health issues, or those of you who just want to know more about how you can support your colleagues or the people you manage.

We have printed out and sourced a variety of different booklets which are placed on the reception desk, and in the kitchen area, foyer and the bookshelves of each floor. Please find below the PDF versions if this is more suited to you. If you want a copy and can’t find one, please contact and we will be happy to supply you with one!

Find out what’s happening this week in this Connections article, what support is available across Capita on the Wellbeing Hub and further information on employee assistance programmes can be accessed via the Wellbeing page on Connections.

Show your support on Friday 17 May by dressing in green to support the green ribbon campaign. Share your stories and photos with us on the Responsible Business Yammer page.

How to overcome
fear and anxiety

How to look after
your mental health

How to look after your
mental health using mindfulness

How to
manage and reduce stress

How to look after your
mental health using exercise

How to
sleep better

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