Project “Make VOLT Great”

Hi All,

Following on from last weeks introduction to the LiveLab I hope you all now have an idea of what the LiveLab is and it’s purpose in shaping our future.

Firstly, a very big welcome to Amy Talbot who has joined the team to help us organise the changes we want to make and use her extensive knowledge of the business to design the best solutions.

Week 1 – The Results

As a reminder, last week marked our first “Sprint” where we successfully implemented the following:

  • Daily stand-ups to talk through impact of changes and Problem Solve any obstacles we encounter

  • Updating all templates to remove gender specific wording (e.g he/she) and replace with gender agnostic

  • Ensure all templates are error free

So how did we get on?

Although the templates were a simple change, they have had a positive impact on the team and allowed us to focus on other things.

The daily stand-ups have also been a success. We all know that every day presents its own challenges so the daily meetings have made sure the team are able to share their feedback and act quickly to resolve them. This will be an integral part of the road ahead especially when we look to make bigger changes and need to assess their impact.

What is happening this week?

This week we are trying to tackle some bigger issues; Candidates providing incorrect documents and the amount of time we spend writing out e-mails for workarounds.

In order to help with this the team decided on the following changes:

  • Improved the welcome e-mail, candidate guide and Vodafone’s candidate zone to try and help candidates provide the right documentation

  • Created workaround templates in VOLTi3 that the team can use

Looking forward to sharing with you how we get!

Coming Up

Alongside the above changes we have made this week we are busy planning some upcoming changes. We haven’t quite yet decided what these will look like yet but will make sure we share the full details next week:

  • Electronic consent – We want to find out if the positives (candidate experience and one less document that could fail at Data Review) out way the negatives (Having to request a wet DoC for references/international checks).

  • We are looking at ways to improve the way work allocation works (e.g the fact Team Leaders give out starts each morning).

  • One point of contact for every candidate – We know some of the problems that can be caused by having a CLO and Screener speaking with a candidate so want to explore different ways of working. We intend to trial one of the team conducting the CLO and screener checks to see what challenges we encounter as it has never been tried before!

How can you get involved?

Last week we invited you all to speak with the team or see for yourselves the work going on in the Collaborate meeting room.

We are thrilled some of you have been speaking with the team and sharing your ideas so we thought we would go one step further and create our own Suggestion Box. We want to ensure everyone has a voice and I will let you know once we have found a home for it.


Will Hoggarth

Customer Success Director



Lucy Ratcliffe