SW's new induction is making waves in People Solutions

This article was posted on Geoff’s newsletter today! Well done Elaine and Lucy for making this come to life.

“With the introduction of its brand-new induction training package, Security Watchdog has transformed the way in which they are training new starters. Developed by the Training Team, employees are being welcomed into the company with a fun, interactive and comprehensive learning experience. With new additions, such as the induction magazine and online training hub, they will have access to the vital information and support necessary to thrive and progress throughout their time with Security Watchdog.

Extra assets, such as these aid Security Watchdog in creating a seamless transition for our new starters into the company.

After only a few sessions, word has spread throughout Capita about the success of this new induction program, and this has resulted in People Solutions visiting Security Watchdog to see first-hand what it’s like to go through induction at our Alton office. Thrilled with their experience, plans are now being formulated to implement some new ideas into their own induction processes.

With positive results already received, the process of induction will continue to evolve and develop, with continuous feedback from inductees ensuring that we continue to offer a consistent, high-quality learning journey throughout their time with the company.

Security Watchdog look forward to welcoming all our new faces, and we are confident that you will find our new induction training package to be the perfect start to a long and fulfilling career with us.”

Matthew Payne