VOLTi4 Update


To ensure that you all have visibility on VOLTi4’s development we are going to be sharing with you the latest designs on a weekly basis. These designs are a work in progress and we are meeting with the LiveLab team weekly to talk through the designs, getting as much feedback as possible as we go.

Candidate Portal Demo

The first is the upgraded Candidate Portal, this
has been built and is currently in testing with new SW joiners:

Password: SW_2019

Screener Interface Demo

The second is the Screener Interface (for Screeners / CLOs / TLs / SDMs), we have started building the foundation this week and the latest design is below:

Password: SW_2019

Not everything is clickable so in case it gets confusing, just use the arrows left/right on your keyboard.

As always we are keen to get your feedback, it is the most important thing throughout the project. We had a session with your SDM’s earlier today who may be able to answer any questions but please do share with me your thoughts on e-mail: will.hoggarth@securitywatchdog.org.uk .

Will Hoggarth
Customer Success Director

Lucy Ratcliffe