Well done to this months winners

Summer competition winners:

For August

1st prize - Winning the IPhone X - Gabby Paulucci-Cave

2nd prize - Winning £200 experience voucher - Danielle Carter

For September

1st Prize - Winning the PS4 and VR set - Simon Flint

2nd prize - Winning £200 experience voucher - Gabby Paulucci-Cave

Compliance Star of the month - Billy Larby

Billy had 13 Capita Remediation Services files in a row compliant and was 100% compliant in September. The CRS files are an intricate combination of Lloyds and Capita screening rules, with a new policy having been introduced in July which Billy has mastered. Billy is always enthusiastic, positive and engaging with the Compliance team asking questions and querying things he’s unsure of

Employee of the month - Fraser Elliott

Fraser received 12 votes from his colleagues beating out Kieron Harding with 10 votes and Anfrew Hurley with 9 votes.

Length of service awards:

Cath Payne - 7 years

Jon Harrington - 5 years

Good feedback shared:

For Alex Powell from Deloitte:

Just wanted to drop you a note to say how helpful Alex has been over the last few months J I am not sure how we would have survived the summer without him.  Massive thanks for all of us here in Onboarding!

From Paul Goddard:

I have been asked to give special recognition to James Cameron in the IT team, for outstanding work on testing of the Workday and Volti3 1.62 release. With other team members being on annual leave, James has worked late into the evenings to ensure the Workday and Volti3 upgrade projects remain on track against their plan, and ensuring we are ready for a critical go-live later this month.  Excellent work James.

Our team stars this month!

Alisa Cordner Danni Whitley Dan Whitley

Russell Beaven Liz Day Mark Lloyd

Tayler White Fraser Elliott Danielle Carter

Chesley Castillo Ryan Unwin Allannah Wilds

Max Heathcote Jackii Russell

and finally,

Congratulations to the KPMG graduate team, Emma Taylor and Laurene Wilshire who have successfully met all graduate start dates.

The senior manager within KPMG has said;

“Thank you so much for yours and your teams support. It’s been intense but I really appreciate your support through the process, not sure where we would have been without you being so responsive and switched on to our needs and ridiculous numbers!”

Team stars for this month are:

Grad team

  • Franchesca Berringer

  • Callum Sheppard

  • Salma Hussain

  • Joshua Curran

  • Daniel Reffold

  • Bradley Gillingham

  • Thomas Summers

  • Ella Granshaw

  • Christian Tepper

  • Andrew Hurley

What a great month, thank you to everyone

OneVoice Admin