Online Vulnerability Assessments

High levels of exposure on the internet make people vulnerable to social engineering and turn themselves into potential targets for bribery or corruption, organised crime, blackmail or disgruntled customers.

Where individuals hold significant positions of influence or control within an organisation the potential impact of someone becoming the subject of improper influence, or adverse media attention can be hugely damaging, resulting in significant loss of company reputation, financial and share price losses and subsequent regulatory and government fines.

Consideration also needs to be given when organisations are sending executives, or key personnel abroad into jurisdictions that are rated high on the bribery and corruption risk index. Likewise, this also applies to dealing with cultures where certain activities and attributes an individual may overtly promote in the UK would be considered highly unacceptable within their society.

This service utilises only basic information on individuals and seeks to identify what further information is available on the individual within the public domain and if this exposure creates a level of risk to the business.  A compliance report is produced using a traffic light system that immediately identifies those individuals that pose the greatest risk to the business and measures may need to be taken to minimise their exposure on the internet and secure their profile.

Our specialist trained forensic researchers know exactly where to search for information to uncover any risks, or exposure - delivering vital intelligence to safeguard your employees and business.