1. What is Disclosure and Barring Service and how is it different to Disclosure Scotland?

The Disclosure and Barring service (DBS) is a non-departmental public body of the Home Office that completes criminality checks for England and Wales; it replaces Disclosure Scotland (DS) from January 1st (DS will continue to process checks for Scotland).

2. In relation to the new “Verifier of ID” field, if I outsource my recruitment – how can I ensure that my business is complaint with DBS?

  • The DBS requires that there is a face to face check of the candidate against an original identity document. If you do not complete this check within your business you need to ensure that your 3rd party:
  • Completes this check as stated above
  • Records the name of the individual who completed that check
  • Makes the person who is responsible for that check known to you

3. Will NGV or VOLTi3 alert staff of candidates that require a disclosure from both DBS and DS if they have a requirement for both checks or is this a manual process staff will need to adopt?

Short answer is no. There will, however, be an additional question on both systems that asks “Is the role pre-dominantly based in Scotland?”. If the user selects “Yes” then the system will automatically route the application through the Criminality check with Disclosure Scotland. If the answer is “No” then the system will automatically route the application through the Disclosure and Barring Service covering England and Wales (any Northern Ireland based roles will continue with the process as-is i.e. through Access NI). If there is a requirement for both checks then they will need to make a note of this and submit an additional application.

4. What is the wording used on the “Verify ID” tick box? (VOLTi3 Client Portal screen shot below)


5. I overhead that we can’t pre-populate any fields on the candidates behalf to access results, will the client need to instruct the candidate to enter/tick the relevant fields if they want us to access and report results?

  • Today if the candidate gives us permission to view the results we just see the certificate and/or any anomalies

Going forward:

  • In the case of NGV users, the candidates will have a mandatory field that asks them if they want to have a paper certificate. If they answer “Yes” and the client’s applications are processed by us (i.e. Airside) the sent to address will be automatically filled out with the Security Watchdog address. If the answer is “No” then we will not be able to access the candidate’s certificate. We have instructed all clients impacted by this that they need to tell their candidates they must select “Yes” and not overwrite the Security Watchdog address (where appropriate).
  • For VOLTi3 clients (where SW process the candidates’ results) there is also a mandatory field for paper certificate, they should also answer “Yes” or “no” however it will not pre-populate the address fields with the Security Watchdog address. We must instruct our clients to give the SW address to their candidates and enter this into the fields to we can process.

6. Ebulkplus requires docs to be verified in more detail, ie capturing passport no and relevant docs etc and I am unsure if this was because of DBS compliance / requirements or whether it was felt it was more robust to adopt this process. If the process we are adopting is compliant then will we be adopting this process in ebulkplus as this would likely see a more streamlined process and assist clients.

The eBulkPlus process will remain as is, which requires clients to select from drop-down boxes what documents have been verified. This process ensures the client has seen the correct number/types of documents in accordance with DBS practice. The difference in process on our systems is due to eBulkPlus only being for criminality checks, whereas VOLTi3 conducts different types of employment screening checks and the ID is required for more than just a criminality check.

7. The new Basic Criminality process:

  • Will it definitely mean they can’t be sent copy certificates?
  • No. They can be sent paper copies of their certificates but they will have to select this at the mandatory field “Would you like a paper copy of the certificate?”
  • Will it mean SW is informed by DBS that there is an issue with the result and the client needs to ask the candidate?
  • If there is an issue with the result (i.e. there are anomalies) then the process continues as-is.

8. As a candidate, why would I want to receive a paper copy of my certificate/Do I need a paper copy?

  • The DBS are no longer automatically sending out paper copies of certificates, as a candidate you can logon to the DBS portal, register and view your certificate online. You can also permit a 3rd party to view the certificate by entering their email address at your account on the DBS portal.
  • If your employer instructs you to, or if you simply want a paper copy, you can request a copy when filling out your candidate application for on VOLTi3 or NGV. In some cases you will need to enter the Security Watchdog’s address or your employers – please speak to your employer to check

9. What do I select if the role is 50/50 split between Scotland and i.e. England

As a employer (client) you will need to submit 2 separate applications as 2 checks will need to be completed

10. Are we going to record who verifies the documents, is this correct?

This name is a mandatory requirement by the DBS in order to process the application.

11. We have since agreed internally that we will be requesting the candidates who are required to undergo a basic check to have their ID verified, this will not be done by, (i.e. AMS), they will have to take it to a “Professional” to have it verified. They will then upload it with any details you require into your system in order for the check commence..

  • Please can you confirm that this is acceptable?
  • Yes
  • We also require confirmation of the acceptable ID you require, please can you provide this?
  • Documents with photographic identity (e.g. passport, new style driving licence etc.)

12. When a candidate gives us permission to view the results, will we see an actual copy of the certificate or just the results including anomalies?

The viewer would see an actual copy of the certificate in electronic form – including any anomalies (this might sound counter-intuitive: why would you receive a certificate if there anomalies?, but DBS aren’t providing authorisation to work, merely giving you the data as an employer to make that decision).

13. What will the candidate now see?

As DBS require more information in order for them to process an application the candidate will be asked additional questions. You can see a screen shot of the candidate online form below: