Safeguarding Audits

What is Safeguarding?

Generally speaking, ‘safeguarding’ is the process of ensuring that children and at risk adults are protected from harm, abuse and damage from those that would cause them distress. That could be from physical and mental bullying, physical abuse, cyber-bullying and any other channels which can be used to do so. Strict rules are often imposed by official bodies, like Ofsted and the NHS, to ensure processes are in place to deal with such eventualities and to ensure compliance with Government laws.

Undertaking Safeguarding Audits

A safeguarding audit is a review and analysis of procedures and policies to make sure organisations are in compliance with these rules, regulations and laws and to ensure that you have in place and can operate and react to any incidences where children and at risk adults may be under threat.

The Purpose of a Safeguarding Audit

Each case is different dependent upon the type of establishment being audited. Taking the “Keeping Children Safe in Education“ guidelines in a school as an example, the purpose of an audit would be to:

  • Establish the school’s compliance with statutory requirements.
  • Undertake an audit through the Academy of the Culture of Safeguarding and determine how well embedded it is within the school.
  • Establish how the links to British values are being embedded in the school’s policies.
  • Identify whether the key drivers from “Keeping Children Safe in Education“ are at the heart of the school’s best practices.
  • Question how far is safeguarding the golden thread within the school at all levels including governors, staff, pupils, parents and website content.
  • Question students on whether they feel safe in the school.
  • Determine whether children are safe in the school.

Our Safeguarding Audits Service

The Security Watchdog’s Advisory Bureau offers an unequalled risk mitigation service, individually tailored to suit your unique requirements. Our Advisory experts have over 20 years of safeguarding, screening and vetting best practice experience, working across Europe, the Middle East and Africa. We are subject matter experts in criminality, safeguarding, international screening practice, data protection, immigration and the prevention of illegal working.

Auditing sits as a primary service provision for The Advisory Bureau. We carry out a variety of extensive safeguarding audits across multiple industry sectors including Early Years Education, Social Care and the NHS.

For this reason, our focus on compliance is the corner stone of our service and is paramount in everything that we do for our clients. We work closely with our clients to ensure compliance to the regulations, that procedures have been followed correctly in all cases and they meet the record keeping requirements as well as ensuring all internal processes are in place and being followed and multi-agencies notified as required.