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Reference Checks

For a business to run efficiently, its employees need to be both experienced and qualified. When an individual provides false information on their employment background or qualifications, it impacts more than their suitability for the role. Staff who have been untruthful about their employment or educational history can compromise the safety of a business’s customers and colleagues, as well as its reputation. 

Due diligence when verifying the professional and academic history of prospective employees – often required by law or regulatory bodies – reduces risk and strengthens employee and customer faith.

Security Watchdog gives businesses the peace of mind that proper due diligence has been undertaken, at the same time reducing or eliminating workload for its clients.

Our Reference Checks include:

(1) Activity history verification

Activity history verification provides confirmation on what a prospective employee has been doing within a designated screening period – typically within the previous two to six years. 

Depending on the nature of the employee’s stated activity, Security Watchdog offers three types of verification for the screening period:

  1. Employment Background Checks

    Current and past employment periods are verified by directly approaching the employer (or their appointed third party) for an employment reference. As a minimum, this generally confirms the dates of employment, job title and reason for leaving.

    Where employers or other referees are no longer trading, not responding to requests or are otherwise unable to fulfil the reference, Security Watchdog has pre-agreed processes on how to verify a period of employment, such as requesting approved documentation from the screening candidate.

    Please note: Security Watchdog will not contact an employer without permission from the screening candidate. Engagements through an agency are verified with the agency, not the placing business. For periods of self-employment, other methods are used such as a reference from an accountant.

  2. Education verification

    Security Watchdog will independently verify an individual’s declared attained grades and attendance directly with the educational institution (or their appointed third party).

    In instances where institutions are not responding to requests, are no longer operating, or are otherwise unable to provide the reference, Security Watchdog has pre-agreed processes on verifying a period of education such as requesting approved documentation from the screening candidate.

    Security Watchdog may also verify attained academic qualifications outside of the screening period, for example higher education degrees.

  3. Activity Gap verification

    Security Watchdog’s employment screening service verifies the stated activity in any gap period in conjunction with employment & education referencing. Our methods of verifying any employment gap are adapted to the nature of activity, and offer employers certainty that all activity during the specified period is known and covered by an employer reference.

    An individual may purposefully include an activity gap on their timeline where they wish not to declare a period of employment history or seek to avoid the pursuit of a reference.

Express referencing 

Our Express Activity Verification History product is a standardised, API-driven, and consent-based employment verification offering. Through integrations with banks, payroll, and HR platforms, it provides instant access to the data needed to verify current employment, historical employment, and gaps in employment, meaning a complete verification of a candidate’s activity history can be completed in a matter of minutes. 

On average, 82% of candidates verify their history within six hours.

(2) Professional Memberships, Qualifications & Licences

There are certain roles where employees are required to possess specific qualifications or licences to undertake the work in question or be members of specific governing bodies. 

Security Watchdog will verify an individual’s declarations and prove right to work by directly approaching the relevant professional body to confirm the individual is a current member with no restrictions, or that they possess a valid qualification or licence.

(3) CV Verification

The activity history provided by an individual on their screening portal should always match the information they provide on their CV - but how can you be certain that’s the case? 

Security Watchdog’s CV verification service compares these two sets of information, identifying any period of absence and purposeful attempts to prevent referencing of a specific period.

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