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The Advisory Bureau: Your Industry-leading Employment Risk Consultants

The Advisory Bureau at Matrix Security Watchdog offers the industry-leading Employment Consultancy Service, individually tailored to suit the unique requirements of your business or organisation. 

  • An experienced partner. Our employment consultants have over 25 years of international screening and vetting best practice experience.

  • Subject matter expertise. With such a deep understanding of what’s needed to effectively screen employees, we are fully equipped to expertly review your employment screening practices and assist you in best practice screening and vetting.

  • Dedicated Immigration knowledge. Our dedicated team of regulated Immigration Consultants can advise on every aspect of immigration law and applications for sponsor licences.

  • Innovative Solutions. We look to the future to bring you solutions for now, advancing our offering to utilise the very best of our technology and our people in order to help your business stay safe.

Explore our services below...

Reputational Due Diligence

Reputational Due Diligence offers more than traditional Due Diligence and its focus on the in-depth analysis of a company’s financial statements. 

Security Watchdog’s Reputational Due Diligence reports concentrate more on the business’s performance, its financial and commercial stability, and the integrity of people who are associated with it. 

We offer two types of Reputational Due Diligence services:

Company Due Diligence

Company Due Diligence provides a comprehensive risk-based report of a company as a whole and the key people within it.

This is particularly relevant to prospective suppliers and clients, as well as to venture capitalists and private equity firms, and for the purposes of mergers & acquisitions – in fact, anyone considering getting involved in a company.

Our purpose is to provide you with an easy-to-read report that clearly highlights any uncovered concerns or risks that may result in commercial damage or reputational exposure.

Security Watchdog’s reports cover a number of key areas to help support decision-making, including on:

  • Financial stability

  • Linked associations

  • Media exposure

  • Sanctions or prosecutions

It is equally as important to explore the reputation and integrity of any key people connected to the business, together with their notable associations or affiliations. Security Watchdog offers this as standard.

Executive Due Diligence

Executive Due Diligence focuses solely on an individual as the subject.

Executive Due Diligence is appropriate when you’re considering investing in a new start-up, seeking to appoint a new Executive Director or are seeking investors in your own business.

Security Watchdog’s Executive Due Diligence report focuses on a single person as the subject, whether that be a potential senior hire within your business, an advisor or a private investor.

Our reports can provide detailed insight into the person as a whole, including:

  • Background

  • Sanctions or prosecutions

  • Directorships

  • Adverse media 

The cost of getting it wrong is significant. That cost – whether it be the additional expense of recruiting a replacement hire, resource lost to repeat onboarding, or the immeasurable cost of financial impropriety such as money laundering or organised crime – will always be greater than the cost of checking that you are getting it right.

Immigration Consultancy Services

Matrix Security Watchdog is registered with the regulator, Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC). Our registration with OISC offers you the assurance that our immigration advisers meet exacting standards on guidance and best practice, and that they act entirely in our clients' best interests. 

We provide UK inbound immigration services to corporate clients and private individuals, including:

  • Applications under the Points Based System to meet the required levels for skilled jobs

  • UK Family Visa applications for eligible foreign nationals

  • Settlement visas offering individuals the right to live, work and study in the UK.

  • Naturalisation (Citizenship applications)

  • EEA (European Economic Area) Family Permit Application

The Online Vulnerability Assessment (OVA)

Human intelligence-led Online Vulnerability Assessments from Matrix Security Watchdog add a critical layer of security to protect employees in high-risk industries and roles.

Are your staff exposed to potential blackmail, bribery, or threats because of their role?

Online Vulnerability Assessments can help to ensure the safety of frontline staff who may be exposed to threat or exploitation such as:

  • Insurance call-handlers

  • Laboratory workers

  • Financial sector workers

  • Security workers

Are senior members of your board, or executive teams vulnerable to threat or exploitation because of their position, or public-facing role?

Online Vulnerability Assessments can also help to ensure the safety of high-profile, public-facing, or senior level members of staff, to enable them to carry out their role as safely as possible.

Comprehensive analysis by a team of experienced investigative researchers

The OVA provides a comprehensive analysis of an employee’s online presence; highlighting any information in the public domain which could present a vulnerability to the safety of the employee or their direct network, by way of social engineering, bribery, blackmail, corruption, or even physical threat. The OVA is fully GDPR compliant, as it only ever sources information from publicly accessible resources.

A full research report alongside actionable security recommendations

Research findings are provided in the form of a comprehensive report including a concise risk score and full details of identified vulnerabilities, alongside recommendations on how to reduce the risk to the employee where possible. All reports are discreet, confidential, and fully compliant with data protection guidelines.

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