Social Media Checks

The new Security Watchdog Social Media Check is a powerful new tool designed to assess an individual’s online profile, looking for evidence of any adverse online behaviour that may present a risk to a prospective employer.

The report provides an assessment of the individual’s online profile with a score for privacy and content. This report has sections for specific adverse traits or behaviours that are typically important for employers. After the offer of employment it becomes an important part of any pre-employment screening, successful completion of which the ultimate decision to hire will be made. This enables employers to avoid hiring an individual who’s behaviour or publicly shared opinion could have a detrimental effect on the business reputation, or worse.

It is important to note that this report is only run as part of a pre-employment screening process post offer and is not a tool to be used for general assessment in the recruitment process.



This 2 year web screen incorporates the essential checks needed to ensure a rounded and thorough risk assessment, utilising industry specific checks, most used websites, visibility landscapes, personal integrity, explicit language and drug use throughout the most popular social media platforms.


Comprising of a 3 year web screen, this level provides a general online profile
risk assessment looking at the subjects online social and professional profile with a focus any adverse content. This level is applicable to most roles for which a social media check would be recommended.


Designed for the health and social care sectors, this level offers a similar 3 year web screen with an enhanced online behaviour risk assessment with an additional focus on any instance of online harassment or bullying.


This enhanced 5 year web screen includes an enhanced network risk assessment including any evidence of links to proscribed organisations is widely used in the security and aviation sectors.