Social Media Checks

The Check

Our Social Media check is a powerful new screening tool designed to assess a candidate’s social media profile over a 2, 3 or 5 year period by performing an
in-depth analysis of social media platforms for evidence of adverse or unacceptable online behaviour that may present a risk to a prospective employer’s brand.

The Benefits

The Social Media report complements traditional pre-employment and employment screening by highlighting if an individual’s social media activities are:

  • potentially brand and reputation damaging*
  • a validation of career history on a CV*
  • showcasing undesirable characteristics*
  • encouraging illegal activities*
  • breaching company policy
  • leaking or likely to leak company confidential information
  • likely to have an impact on client relations
Social Media Checks .png

*The report should only be run as a part of a pre-employment screening process (post offer) and is not to be used for general candidate assessment in the recruitment process.

The Type of Checks we perform

    Social Media Checks & Measures

    1. General Profile Risk Assessment
    2. Online Visibility Landscape
    3. Integrity Checks

    Online Visibility Landscape

    • Social Networking - Most popular sites e.g. Facebook, Twitter
    • Professional Networking - Most popular sites e.g. LinkedIn, Xing
    • General Search Engines - Over 3 million web pages
    • Blog / Vlog Sites
    • Editorials / Media / Press

    Integrity Checks

    • Use of Extreme / Threatening / Explicit Language
    • Illegal Activities
    • Endorsement of Drug Use
    • Undesirable Blogging or Vlogging
    • Online Harassment or Bullying