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What is BPSS exactly? It stands for the Baseline Personnel Security Standard (BPSS), and is a pre-employment screening standard detailing the minimum level of clearance required for roles within government. 

BPSS is a relatively simple screening standard, often chosen for private sector firms delivering services to government or as a baseline level of screening for their own staff. It also acts as a basic level of vetting for security clearance, with all higher levels of vetting carried out by National Security Vetting (NSV).

BPSS’s comprehensive suite of checks includes verification of an applicant’s:

  • Identity – ID Data Check
  • Right to work – Nationality and Immigration Status as well as their entitlement to undertake the work in question within the UK civil service
  • Employment history covering the previous three years of employment and history/ activity
  • Criminal records, including a basic DBS check on unspent criminal convictions

Security Watchdog also offers employers additional checks in line with the BPSS standard where required for particular roles. These screening checks include searches for adverse media in the public domain, social media conduct or evidence of extreme animal rights activism.

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Why choose Security Watchdog for BPSS checks?

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