BS7858:2019 vetting of security industry personnel

The British Standards Institute first introduced the BS7858 standard for the vetting of security industry personnel licenced by the Security Industry Authority (SIA). It is now widely adopted as the general standard for the vetting of employees in secure environments where the security and safety of people, goods, services, data or property is a requirement.

It can similarly be applied to those instances where it is in the public’s interest for security screening to be applied. The BS7858 standard provides for verification of the subject’s identity, integrity, and experience. It encompasses basic verifications required of all employers regardless of role, as well as more in-depth screening.  

BS7858:2019’s comprehensive suite of checks includes:

  • Identity verification
  • Confirmation of the right to work in the UK
  • Verification of current residential address
  • Checks against international sanctions watchlists
  • Financial verification against public records (CCJs, IVAs, bankruptcies etc)
  • Five years’ address history
  • Criminal record search, in accordance with relevant Rehabilitation of Offenders Acts
  • Activity history verification covering the previous five or ten years of employment, self-employment and education, and identifying any gaps (minimum)

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Why choose Security Watchdog for BS7858 vetting?

  • Our integrations with leading HR software like Workday and SAP mean you can manage your candidate screening directly from your own platforms.
  • Our online screening portal offers immediate access any location 24/7.
  • A user-friendly customer experience guaranteed through our easy-to-use form capture, instant data validation, and the opportunity for candidates to upload documents straight from their mobile device.
  • An immediate response guaranteed through our Express Screening service, removing the need for us to approach referees directly, instead verifying a candidate’s employment or gap in activity using banking data.
  • Live progress tracking for candidates’ best-ever screening experience.
  • Quality, precise screening made possible through our cutting-edge software and first-class customer service.
  • Customisable checks allow you to easily set up and tailor checks to the precise role for which you are recruiting.

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Our online screening portal makes the ordering process quick, simple and accurate. 

Set up your account

Access the client portal to create your candidate

Select your screening package of choice

We invite your candidate to complete our online form

We obtain the required references and background checks once they’ve supplied the necessary information.

You can monitor the progress of checks on any individual, at any stage

You can download a report for every completed screening.

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