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Criminal Records Checking

A prospective client in the care sector was undergoing expansion following recent investment which involved onboarding over 250 new care workers who required criminality checks on their backgrounds to comply with stringent industry standards.  The prospect already had an internal team of HR administrators heavily involved in handling the requirements of its current workforce and recognised that further resources, and associated cost, were required to meet the uptick in criminality check processing requirements.  This was considered a slow, manual activity which nonetheless required expert knowledge from the HR administrators around suitable candidate identity documentation to be submitted to the criminal record authorities.  It was also extremely challenging for the stretched HR team to monitor the progress of the hundreds of criminality checks with the DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) and where interventions were required. The prospective client recognised that the additional cost of staff, the skills required to do the job, the slowness of the manual process and the lack of local dashboards and management information was neither sustainable nor scalable.

Security Watchdog’s ‘eBulk’ solution comprising a platform which facilitates the bulk upload of criminality check requirements to the DBS and DS (Disclosure Scotland) provided the answer to this client’s challenges.  Offering a digital, integrated solution with a managed service wrapper of skilled Security Watchdog criminality check executives, the need for the client to add additional resources to their own HR team was removed, thereby saving material headcount cost. There was also the added value of creating more time for the current HR team to concentrate on core HR activities.  eBulk integration with DBS and DS in processing criminality checks accelerated check result turnaround times leading to faster time to onboard, and the integral management information dashboard provided the client with real time information as to criminality check statuses for candidates.  By engaging with Security Watchdog eBulk solution, this client was able to concentrate on growing its business, confident that criminality checking of its candidates was in expert hands

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