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A commercial review of a client’s UK VISA sponsorship licence estate identified that respective businesses within the client’s business portfolio all held individual sponsorship licences, at significant cost and risk to the client. There was also a requirement for more robust governance to ensure that the businesses were following correct processes. This was a concern to the client, in that exposure to incorrect processes being followed could lead to removal of the sponsorship licence for the business by the Home Office and, of course, reputational damage to the broader business. Removal of a local Sponsorship licence would prevent the local entity from hiring highly sought after skill sets from abroad to work in the UK, where these skill sets were not readily available.

Security Watchdog’s Immigration Service and team of immigration experts responded to this client’s urgent needs by undertaking an audit of the entire client’s sponsorship estate and identifying quickly where there were risks, so that these could be addressed quickly. Our experts then worked on consolidating all licences with the Home Office over 2 months to provide the client with one core sponsorship licence which enabled improved oversight of activities and increased governance. This was a material cost saving to the client, who was upskilled and continues to be supported by our experts on processing applications and the governance of a single sponsorship licence. 

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