Advisory Debrief

The Advisory Debrief is a monthly newsletter that highlights changes in main legislation, data protection and regulatory changes that have taken effect within the last few months which you need to be aware of in your business.

The newsletter is sent to all Security Watchdog clients and on request to subscribers on request. You can also access a summary of current and past editions here at this website below:

April 2017 - download 'here'

This month's subject matter: -

Nine key employment law changes
Disclosure Scotland PVG review
Teachers in Ireland lay lose salary due to retrospective vetting requirements
Ongoing debate on student immigration statistics
New £1 coin introduces new anti-fraud technology
Understanding legislation and its effect on employee relations
Article 50 and The Great Repeal Bill

March 2017 - download 'here'

This month's subject matter: -

Changes to the UK labour market in the wake of the EU Membership referendum
Supreme Court rules that changes to Minimum Income Rules is lawful
Changes to Tier 2 Sponsorship Regulations
Employment Tribunal judgements now available online

February 2017 - download 'here'

This month's subject matter: -

New regulatory requirements for regulated references to come into effect from March 2017
Requirement for criminal record certificate extended to all Tier 2 visa applicants in the education, health and social care sectors
Tribunal rules dismissal fair after employee failure to keep right to work documentation current
US Travel ban on Muslims to include social media 'vetting'
ICO released guidance of getting ready for the GDPR

October 2016 - download 'here'

This month's subject matter: -

BREXIT and the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
Hungary: New privacy guidance on employers' use of background checks
U.S. to open new vetting agency for 'secret' security clearances
China Publishes Regulation on the Use of Resident Identity Cards
UK Immigration and Asylum Tribunal Fees Set to Increase by 500%
Deutsche Bank charged after Disaster Recovery Platform causes IT Disaster

August 2016 - download 'here'

This month's subject matter: -

BREXIT and the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
GDPR & Criminal Record Checks
Brexit & UK Immigration
EU US Privacy Shield