Home Office Representation & Audit Attendance

Home Office representation or audit attendance

Expert legal immigration advice

In all business areas where there is potential operational risk having expert legal guidance and advocacy is mandatory for a successful outcome and resolution. We provide a Home Office representation service where one of The Advisory Bureau's regulated immigration consultants can be physically present on your premises during a UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) visit.

Our UK immigration expert would act on your behalf as your official representative during the visit. They will be on hand to answer and field any questions, concerns and observations. Also by instructing us to perform a mock audit at least within the last 12 months and being one of our retained customers would mean this service is actually free of charge.

Why would I receive a visit from UK Visas and Immigration?

In December 2012 Rob Whiteman, Chief Executive of the UK Border Agency (now UKVI), told the House of Commons Home Affairs Committee that the UKBA had carried out 604 pre-registration visits in 2012 (25% of registrations), 4,698 post-registration visits on registered Tier 2 employers and suspended 469 licences, whilst revoking a further 252.

Using today's figures would mean that one in five current Tier 2 Sponsors will receive a post-registration visit from UKVI and these figures illustrate that UKVI are well-staffed and are ever-vigilant in ensuring that all existing and potential sponsors are rigorously complying with UK immigration law.