Immigration Compliance Training

Sponsor Immigration Compliance Training

Tailored in-house training designed to help managers, recruiters, HR Teams, understand UK immigration legislation, the essence of holding a sponsor licence, sponsor responsibilities, and how to remain compliant.

Overview of Immigration Compliance

Immigration regulations and policies seem to change on a weekly basis. It can be incredibly difficult to keep up and can demand a lot of your time, time you can better spend elsewhere. We have designed interesting, relevant, bite-sized training sessions to help you gain understanding of the regulations, understand your responsibilities, update your knowledge regularly, and to ensure that your abilities to monitor and track the employment of migrant workers comply with Home Office expectations. 

Our training is designed for small round-table groups and created with your goals, budget and processes in mind. We offer entirely bespoke training sessions to you and your colleagues on a variety of UK immigration matters.

Key Business Benefits 

  1. Minimising the risk of Sponsor Licence being downgraded or revoked 
  2. Minimising the risk of civil penalties by ensuring statutory excuse under the Asylum, immigration & Nationality Act 2006 
  3. Compliance with all UK relevant employment and immigration legislation 
  4. Resourcing and employment best practice for your HR or Recruitment teams in identity checks and prevention of illegal working 
  5. Mitigation against the risks of hiring illegal workers or fraudulent applicants

How the Sponsor Immigration and Compliance Training works

An industry-leading subject matter expert from our Advisory Bureau will come to your offices for a half-day training workshop. We will use our 20+ years of experience to ensure all those in the training session are confident in their understanding of the rules surrounding the hiring of migrant workers, the importance of achieving Statutory Excuse and that they have the ability to ascertain if the documents presented to them are fraudulent. 

The training workshop is suited to up to ten HR or Resourcing personnel and Managers and our Advisory Expert will provide industry leading training on the practical implications of best practice identity and eligibility to work checks, dispel the ambiguity surrounding complex scenarios, use real-time scenarios to explain concepts and leave delegates empowered with the knowledge and confidence to apply increased rigour to their checking process.

Whatever you need, we can plan and prepare a useful training session for you to build upon your existing knowledge. Clients have used us as a go-to training port for years and we’re constantly at the receiving end of some fantastic feedback. 

After the training day is complete, our highly-experienced Advisors will be available to provide remote training and advice, and we guarantee a detailed response to any query within one working day through Remote Advisory Services. You can choose to hold the training onsite at your premises, at our own centrally-located offices.

Some of the topics covered in our training session include: 

  • Sponsorship requirements
  • Sponsor Duties- record keeping, migrant tracking etc.
  • Understanding the sponsor management system
  • Certificates of sponsorships
  • Resident Labour market test
  • SOC Codes - What are they
  • Shortage occupations
  • Tier 2: The common pitfalls
  • Recent immigration changes and how they impact your business
  • Preventing illegal employment

Business Case for Sponsor Immigration Compliance Training

In April 2014, the Home Office carried out an unannounced audit at a sponsor premises. They found that the company did not currently have any authorising officer in place that met the requirements as the previous Authorising Officer had resigned from the company 2 months before the audit. 

The company’s sponsor licence was revoked, and as a result all their existing migrant staff had their leave to remain in the UK curtailed to 60 days in order to find another employer or face enforced removal as the company was not allowed to re-apply until after 6 month duration. This action significantly affected the company’s operation and business continuity plan.


“We thought that our identity and right to work checks were fairly robust, however this course highlighted gaps in our knowledge and understanding on what was required in which scenarios. We now feel more confident in our recruiting process. A valuable and well delivered course.”