Migrant Staff Application Support

Migrant Staff Application Support

Tier 2 Visa Application Support

The Advisory Bureau’s Immigration Consultancy Service can assist your organisation in applying for Tier 2 (General) and (Intra-Company Transfer) visas.

The Tier 2 visa process is an extensive one and our services reflect this where we work both with the employer and applicant. Receiving expert advice on visa and immigration regulations will allow you to increase your reach for high level resourcing.

The first service we provide is preparing the Tier 2 visa process from your side of the application. Our UK immigration experts will collate information about the job offer; guide you in selecting the appropriate SOC code for the role and then preparing the Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS) for review. As a matter of course you will also receive a visa expiry reminder, four months prior to the expiry date of each Tier 2 migrant.

We also engage in migrant services where we liaise with the migrant to discuss the process and address any queries or concerns they may have whilst collating their information and paperwork. We then assign the CoS and prepare the Tier 2 application forms to support the candidate’s UK visa application, from either overseas or within the UK.

The Advisory Bureau can also provide:

  • Preparation of UK visa application forms for all dependants

  • Management of leave to remain or entry clearance application, this may also include submission of forms, booking of appointment overseas

  • Provision of specialist support for premium service same day applications

  • Provision of compliance pack for the HR Team to retain on the candidate’s personnel file, for sponsor licence purposes

Recently, a major employer recruited and selected a foreign professional but the migrant’s visa was refused. This was because the incorrect salary was submitted for the Certificate of Sponsorship. The rules state that the salary is based on a 40 hour week, but as in most employment contracts the annual salary was stated for 37.5 hours. This salary was actually lower than the required salary for that specific job as defined in the Standard Occupational Classification (SOC) job code. All that was required was a pro-rated salary to bring it in line with the SOC code salary. Fortunately the visa was reapplied for and the migrant was successfully immigrated but at the cost of much greater expense and time delay.

Why choose The Advisory Bureau?

Our UK immigration subject matter experts engage in casework with all Tier 2 migrant applicants including general visas and dependants and will also provide leave to remain assistance. We can also offer support for intra-company transfer visas for key employees, covering long and short-term staff, graduates and skills transfers.

“The Advisory Bureau’s Tier 2 Visa Service gives us great advantages in our International Recruitment processes by helping us understand the intricacies of CoS rules. Also our migrant candidates find the Level 3 advisers very informative and efficient in assisting them in their side of the application process.”