Sponsor Licence Management

Sponsor Licence Management Service

The Advisory Bureau is by your side throughout your Spnsor tenure to support Key Sponsor Licence processes

The Advisory Bureau’s Immigration Consultancy Service (ICS) is fully regulated to provide immigration advice and services by the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OICS) (Ref No. F201300673) .

How the 12 Month Sponsor Licence Management Service works

The 12 Month Sponsor Licence Management Service allows you to access some of our Sponsor Licence services as part of one package of reduced fee, or free services. You can benefit from this programme by simply paying a monthly or annual management retainer fee. Accordingly, on a yearly basis, you will receive professional service and support from our immigration experts throughout your Sponsor tenure.

This programme means that we can assist you with any queries/telephone consultations regarding sponsorship duties at any point throughout the retainer period at no extra cost. Also, if you have a Home Office visit, then we can attend that audit free of charge.

There are other services included in this package which we offer our subscribers at competitively reduced rates.

How this benefits your business:

As a subscriber you will receive the option of additional services at competitively reduced rates including: -

  • Sponsor Compliance Mock Audit - includes an initial compliance check of all policies and procedures

  • Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) request/issue support - we will support you in the issuance of each CAS

  • Certificate of Sponsorship

  • Tier 2 (General) application
  • Attending Home Office Audit meeting with client

  • Tier 2 general application assistance/representation

  • Sponsored Employee change of details - implement these changes on the Sponsor Management System (SMS)
  • Consultation/queries regarding sponsorship duties
  • Extends your reach for high level resourcing

Case Study for Sponsor Licence Management Service

In 2013 an IT employer was visited by Home Office Sponsor Compliance Officers and the employer was found to be in breach of several immigration rules. The Home Office had no choice but to revoke the Sponsor Licence and consequently al migrants were served with a 60 day notice to find alternative work, or leave the UK.

By not undertaking a Mock Audit to highlight the shortcomings and not being stringent enough in adhering to the rules, this employer lost IT contracts with its clients because they could no longer employ these migrant experts.


“By paying a monthly management fee we have found that we have the peace of mind of having one of The Advisory Bureau's immigration experts just a phone call away to deal with any pressing matters, or just day-to-day concerns. It definitely pays for itself.”