Volti3 - a new generation of VOLT

Over the next 12 months we are going to be introducing new clients and migrating our existing clients to the latest version of our Verification OnLine Tracker (VOLT).

VOLTi3 will take everything our clients love about the current VOLT, but with new added functionality, which will make the process of tracking and verifying candidate information easier and faster, as well as providing additional management tools and reporting.

As ever our aim with VOLTi3 is to improve the user experience for both client and candidates.

Features of Volti3

Risk and Completion Alert Notifications

VOLT operates a traffic-light status system to notify you of the type of response received. You may choose from a variety of alerts as part of your risk-matrix alerts covering screening clearance notification, red/amber high risk cases, VISA expiry (as part of right-to-work check) and annual immigration documentation checks.

Moreover, as it is owned by Security Watchdog, any client recommendations are implemented in tandem with our own continuous VOLT improvement programme.

Full Compliance to International Data Protection Rules

VOLT allows for the compliant presentation of sensitive data and rejects the usage of electronic signatures increasingly used by US driven systems.

Audit trails are provided by the detail presented candidate and client communication, date, time and number of reference requests issued, together with automatic SLA turnaround time definition at the point of order.

Real Time Monitoring Capability

VOLT is a dynamically driven, web-based application which facilitates 24-hour real-time monitoring of screening activity. Easy to navigate, VOLT can be tailored to reflect your corporate branding.

Screening level, single or multiple shared users can remotely access and interrogate live screening data by candidate, screening level, recruiter, department, company or country. In this way you can retrieve detailed management information instantaneously.

Secure System

VOLT is part of a complex high security network infrastructure and only accessible to authorised users through secure web servers and multiple firewalls. It utilises the latest technologies in password protection and full data encryption methodologies. The system's integrity and resilience is regularly tested both internally and externally by information security consultants.

Integration with HR and Talent Management Systems

VOLT facilitates your order management, allowing the secure upload/download of candidate information. It also hosts user friendly integrated on-line candidate application forms, which can be branded to your organisation and individually tailored.

Importantly, it can be integrated with your HR database or applicant tracking system, allowing fully automated and seamless process integration. The system itself starts the screening process by creating candidate records using Data Feed Email notification of successful registration.