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The case for Pre-employment Screening

With incidents of crime in the workplace on the rise you need to take precautions when you offer a candidate a position within your organisation. Without thorough pre-employment background screening you will have no idea about who you are inviting into your workplace.

Our employment screening services saves you the time and expense of recruiting, hiring and training someone that does not have the skills, experience and education that they pertain to have on their CV. Adequate screening also helps to increase the calibre of the staff you recruit.

  • Employment screening can minimise the risk of internal theft or corporate espionage

  • Ensures harmony in the working environment as all co-workers have the qualifications and credentials that they say they have

  • Mitigates risk as it encourages only honest applicants to apply for positions within your organisation, and acts as a deterrent to the rest

  • Ensures that you adhere to any regulatory requirements

  • Ensures that you maintain your reputation

  • Shows that as an employer you are committed to employing staff that are honest and have integrity

Risks of not conducting background screening

The cost of not looking into a candidate's background can be far reaching and in the extreme disastrous to an organisation in many ways, impacting on revenue and staff. 

Without employment screening the risks can be: -

  • Reputational
  • Financial
  • Regulatory
  • Impact on service delivery

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