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Your journey to your new role begins here. Welcome to Security Watchdog

Security Watchdog's Candidate Zone is designed to help guide you through the employment screening process

We want to make the process of employment screening as simple and brief as possible.

The level of information we require is dependent upon what information your prospective employer has requested. If you are able to supply all the information required promptly and accurately, it will ensure your application is processed as quickly as possible.

for us to carry out your checks, you'll need to make sure you have the correct documents ready

This information will tell you which documents are acceptable for use in the screening process.

Acceptable documentation for pre-employment screening checks

During the pre-employment screening process you will be required to provide us with certain documentation. Below is a guide to help you understand what we need.

Acceptable documentation for Basic Disclosure DBS checks

To gain a Basic DBS certificate you must provide a combination of 2 documents which must confirm name, DOB & current address.

Acceptable documentation for Standard and Enhanced DBS checks

To gain a Standard or Enhanced DBS certificate you must provide a combination of 3 documents which must confirm name, DOB & current address.

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Next, it's time to complete our online form

These guides will tell you how to complete each section of our online form.

Personal Details

Certain personal data will be requested of you in order to support and enable the checks that have been selected by your employer. Security Watchdog will need documentation such as Identification, Right to Work and proof of address depending on what your employers request.

Education history

This section is for you to tell us of any education certificates or Professional Qualifications you've achieved that are relevant to the role you are going into. Professional Qualifications means a qualification set by an independent, official society or organisation in line with its charter that is recognised in your industry.

Address Details

In this section, we need to know a continuous history of all the addresses you have lived in for a certain period of time, dependent on the checks you are undergoing. The information in the link below will tell you how many years of addresses we need to know about for your checks.

Additional Information

This section asks questions about specific checks your employer has requested as part of your screening.  It is your chance to declare anything adverse that may arise during your screening. If you are unsure then you can contact the Human Resources Department of your future employer.

Career History

A large proportion of employers wish to confirm your employments over a set period of time via references.  The information in the link below will tell you how far back we need to know about, according to the policy of the employer requesting your screening. 

Background check FAQS

Our FAQ's will hopefully answer any questions you have regarding your screening. We aim to make your employment screening experience both a simple and positive experience, but understand that you may have questions about the background screening process.

Need some help with our online form?

If you need any help with completing your online form, please contact us using the button below and we will endeavour to respond as soon as possible. Our office hours are 9.00am to 5.30pm (GMT) Mon to Fri.

Contact us if you need help with our online form


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Your privacy is important to us

Our online form is a key part of initiating your checks. We therefore want to make sure that you are comfortable with what's required and the reasons why we are asking for this information. Security Watchdog will never request information that is not directly linked to the checks that have been requested by your employer on your behalf and with your consent.

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