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address Details

In this section, we need to know a continuous history of all the addresses you have lived in for a certain period of time, dependent on the checks you are undergoing.  The sentence above these questions will tell you how many years of addresses we need to know about for your checks.  For example, if it says 3 years, we need to know where you were living continuously for exactly 3 years back from today’s date.  If you leave a gap, the form will display the missing dates in red text to help you.  This information is used for financial probity and criminality checks, but is also useful should a previous employer or academic institution have difficulties locating your records.

Resident from / Resident to

Please tell us the month and year you moved into and out of this address. 

House/building name

If your building of residence had a name, please enter it here.  For example, Manor Court or Rookery Barn.

House no, Street

Please tell us the house number (if your house had one) and street name.  For example, 25 Kings Road.


Please tell us the name of the town or city your street was in.  For example, Birmingham.


Please tell us the county, region or state.  For example, West Midlands or Nevada.


Please tell us your postcode, zip code or country equivalent.  In the UK, if you are unsure this can be checked on the Royal Mail website. 


Please choose the country this address was in from the drop down list.