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2020 Screening Trends

New year, new employees? A new career is one of the most common new year’s resolutions, and companies frequently opt to begin recruitment campaigns in January as a result of this. So, now is the perfect time to review your background screening policies and ensure that they reflect the very latest trends while utilising the newest tools for the most successful hires. Here are the major 2020 screening trends to look out for.

Social media screening

While social media screening is nothing new, it is now becoming an established part of initial screening procedures for many firms. However, due to privacy laws and the risk of inadvertent discrimination, social media screening is often a legal minefield for employers looking to take a DIY approach.

In the hands of a specialist screening company, the latest screening software searches publicly available data and can provide useful insights into a candidate’s background which can support their application, as well as mitigate the risk that could be created by a bad hire.

Continuous screening

Employers are increasingly aware that carrying out screening is not a one and done concern. With many roles now requiring continuous screening as a matter of compliance (for example SMCR required firms and roles, or those in the healthcare sector), companies in all industries and sectors are realising the benefits of repeated screening throughout employment to ensure that all staff remain suitable for their roles. This is made easier with the latest employee monitoring technology which tracks workers employment journey from application through service and beyond.

Candidate experience

With todays candidate driven market, employers must put their best foot forward in order to secure top talent. Candidate experience was a buzzword on everyone’s lips in 2019, and this will continue through 2020, with the best candidates expecting high levels of engagement and convenience in order to see application processes through to the end. Modern screening technology ensures that pre-employment screening is quick and easy for candidates and employers alike, helping to create an appealing process which provides candidates with a favourable first impression of employers, while delivering useful insights into a candidate’s background and character.

Screening policies for gig workers

The GDPR is still settling in and data security and privacy remains one of the biggest concerns for employers. And, with the gig economy growing at an exponential rate and showing no sign of slowing down, many employers finally recognise the importance of dedicated screening procedures for gig workers, contractors and freelancers who often have the same access to company assets and data as permanent hires. In addition, the laws surrounding temporary workers is complicated, with definitions for self-employed versus staff problematic to navigate. Using a specialist screening company will help ensure that your screening procedure remains compliant, while protecting your company from bad hiring decisions.

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