Automation of the manager experience through great onboarding technology

HR departments are being transformed by new onboarding technology which reduces workloads and improves the experience for both managers and candidates.

Onboarding new candidates can involve a vast array of different people and departments, all of which must be overseen by HR managers. But this is rapidly changing as managers are now utilising automation to improve processes and reduce workloads.

Traditional analogue onboarding would require several paper and phone-based onboarding tasks, and even digital systems necessitated tedious data entry. From interview scheduling through to training, a vast amount of paperwork is generated. A recent report states that 15-20 forms are involved in a standard onboarding process.

In addition, manual onboarding can be a risky process, with original documentation or forms prone to being lost in piles of paperwork, and time to hire stretching an inordinately long time leading to candidate indifference and lack of engagement. Onboarding often involves the most tiresome and time-consuming tasks for HR managers.

The latest onboarding technology provides opportunities for employers to reduce errors while saving time and manpower throughout the onboarding process. More efficient digital data collection and analysis can produce deep insights about candidates while improving data privacy and protecting the employer against fallout caused by potential privacy breaches. With many of these tasks now carried out using AI and machine learning, the financial cost of a new hire is reduced, leaving more money in the kitty to invest in the all-important candidate experience.

On the candidate side, one way that onboarding technology improves the experience is by managing the flow of information exchange. Candidates can easily get overwhelmed throughout the onboarding process, using technology ensures that information requests are released at only the point of need, guiding the candidate through a better experience.

In addition, automation ensures a consistent onboarding experience for all candidates, with opportunities to analyse and modify processes to ensure maximum efficacy and enjoyment, which will help to attract the best talent in this hyper-competitive labour market.

Automation of the manager experience by using the latest onboarding technology and tools improves efficiency and centralises information exchange, allowing better HCM throughout the entire recruitment process, from onboarding through to employment.

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