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Client feedback results for 2019

A report conducting feedback on the entire background screening industry has recently been released with a total of 573 responses.

The report revealed that 39.4% of respondents no longer ask applicants about their salary history, reflecting the recent move of several US states to ban the practice. There is speculation that the UK might be set to follow, in an attempt to tackle gender and ethnicity pay gaps. The rest of the report was mainly concerned with client satisfaction with their current screening provider.

When asked about the main challenges they are experiencing with their current screening service, over 80% of respondents stated that timeliness of service was a problem, with cost coming in at a close second (77%). The buoyant recruitment landscape has heightened the need for fast pre-employment screening in order to get candidates onboarded as quickly as possible. Security Watchdog is at the forefront of utilising efficient processes and technology to ensure a quick turnaround time and reduced costs.

In the same vein, the innovations most respondents would like to see from their screening provider involve faster results and HRIS (Human Resource Information System) and ATS (Applicant Tracking System) integration. Security Watchdog uses a system which provides customers with HR, workforce planning, recruiting and talent management in one system, allowing them to gain deeper talent insights and make better and faster business decisions throughout the recruitment journey and beyond.

38% of those surveyed also reported that they were only barely satisfied, somewhat dissatisfied, or totally dissatisfied with their current screening provider, with up 43% of them reporting that they are undecided about changing their screening provider, and nearly 20% saying that they plan to change their screening provider in the next 12 months. With shifting priorities and changing business processes, HR departments are under increasing pressure. Working with a reputable background screening provider centralises your processes and provides a better candidate experience. When looking to change your screening provider look for a company which is able to adapt to the needs of your company, offers global screening, has a history of trust, commitment to investment in new technologies and a proven assurance of compliance.

Security Watchdog remains the leading background screening provider in the UK, providing an unrivalled range of bespoke global pre-employment solutions and background checks for all industries and sectors.

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