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Could using AI guided automation for hiring be the future

The use of AI is becoming more and more common, with it featuring heavily in many processes in our daily lives. Within recruitment, AI is being touted as a cure all for much of the heavy lifting, reducing man hours, cutting costs and streamlining the process. However, critics say that it might not be the silver bullet that overworked HR teams are hoping for.

AI, or artificial intelligence, uses machine learning or predictive algorithms to reduce the time and manpower required by recruitment. At the early stages, AI can improve candidate matching by sorting through CVs and providing a long list tailored to a specific set of requirements. In this competitive job market, and with applicant numbers growing, this significantly reduces the time required to identify top applicants. AI can also keep all candidates in the loop with automated updates, informing them of their progression through the hiring process and improving candidate experience.

In addition, AI is being used successfully at interview stage, examining pre-recorded interviews and picking out successful candidates who provide certain required answers, and even in analysing vocal and facial expressions to identify distinct personality traits which may be a help or a hindrance in the role.

At the pre-hire stage, AI and machine learning has transformed the process of screening candidates. With now fully digitised databases and a wealth of additional data held online, background screening is faster and more accurate than ever before, taking the pressure off HR departments and screening companies who previously had to carry out all screening using physical paperwork and phone calls.

But Dr Ajunwa, a Cornell Law School faculty member, has researched the risk of bias in AI recruitment and finds that there is a danger that AI is unable to fully imitate the diligence of human interaction, and can result in bias which is replicated and amplified across the process. These kinds of criticisms are growing and have understandably made some end users of AI nervous of the potentially negative impact it could have on the recruiting process.

With the availability of data, many non-reputable screening companies have attempted to cash in on the screening industry, leaving unsuspecting businesses and candidates at risk of bad or inaccurate screening which does not meet the criteria for compliance. Ensuring that you use a specialist and established screening company for your background checks can prevent problems which might be caused by using AI.

Reputable screening companies, such as Security Watchdog, recognise the need for caution in the use of AI, and employ a variety of methods in their screening processes, to ensure that checks are carried out accurately, effectively and without bias which could negatively affect your search for the perfect hire.

AI isn’t the cure all for all recruitment difficulties, but when used correctly and responsibly it can improve the accuracy and efficacy of many recruitment processes.

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