CV discrepancies: Candidates of 35–45 years have highest mismatches

A recent report has shown that up to 7% of candidates lie during a job application, with the highest number of discrepancies found in those between the ages of 35-45. This is particularly worrying because salary peaks at this age for most individuals, therefore these CV discrepancies could be costing employers huge sums of money.

The most common problem found with CVs is misrepresenting employment history, due to periods of unemployment, or lying about the level of responsibility in previous jobs. The second most common lie was found to be about education or qualifications. Discovering any kind of dishonesty in the application process calls the integrity of a candidate into question. And not uncovering deceit before appointing a new member of staff might create a situation where a worker has duties and responsibilities beyond their skill set.

In addition, the report stated that 35% of those applying for temporary positions lie to get the job. Temporary and contract workers often have the same level of access to money, sensitive information and company assets as permanent workers, as well as the same responsibilities for safety, yet employers often fail to carry out adequate pre-employment checks that are usually standard for their permanent staff.

Another report has found that only 17% of HR professionals had not experienced uncovering candidates who had lied on their CV. In this report, 37% of those surveyed found discrepancies in the reporting of criminal records.

Making a bad hiring decision can cost employers up to three times the salary of the employee, through recruiting and retraining and loss of productivity, but there can also be severe implications for the business. Employing someone without the right training for instance can result in risks to your health and safety and compliance, as well as invalidating business insurance.

Carrying out pre-employment screening for both permanent and contract workers is a prudent step in protecting your business assets, your staff and members of the public. A reputable screening provider can advise on the right levels of checks for your industry and sector, which will ensure that your hiring decisions prove to be successful and profitable, and do not put your business at risk.

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