CV fraud, has your business experienced it?

A recent study found that 85% of employers have uncovered lies on applicants’ CVs. Yet despite the risks, 48% of HR professionals admit that they don’t always check applicants education and qualifications. And with 37% of job hunters saying that they would be prepared to tell a big lie in order to land their dream job, CV fraud is clearly a huge problem.

The most common lies people tell on their CV are regarding their qualifications. This might include lying about the level of study reached or embellishing grades. Another popular lie is how long someone has spent in a job, this might be to cover up periods of unemployment or to look more experienced.

The dangers of CV fraud should not be downplayed. Appointing someone without the necessary skills to carry out their role safely can pose huge risks to other staff and members of the public and the financial risk of fraud can be devastating. There is also the risk of reputational damage to the company resulting from bad press.

If an employer uncovers CV fraud after they have appointed a staff member, they can accuse the employee of breach of contract or misrepresentation. There could also be possible criminal consequences for the applicant, with a couple of recent high-profile cases resulting in prison time for the fraudsters. As a result of these risks, mitigating the risk of making a bad hire is more important than ever.

HR personnel should examine CV’s carefully and look for gaps and discrepancies which could point to CV fraud. Be particularly mindful of education and qualifications as these tend to be the most embellished areas. Always follow up on any references listed on the CV, and don’t cut corners.

Using a specialist screening company is one of the best ways to mitigate the risk of CV fraud. By integrating background checks into your recruitment processes, you can protect your company against CV fraud, while ensuring that you make the best hiring decision.

CV fraud is getting more difficult for those intent on being dishonest due to the digitisation and centralisation of records, however many candidates can and do get away with it thanks to inadequate hiring procedures. Make thorough background screening a part of your processes to protect your company, your staff and members of the public.

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