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DBS identity checks

As you may be aware, in January this year, the Disclosure & Barring Service announced a scheme was being developed for the introduction of digital identity checks that can be used for Right to Work, Right to Rent and DBS checks. Following the announcement made and once digital ID providers started to become certified for the use of supporting DBS checks, we have now partnered with a certified digital ID provider (IDSP). 

We have partnered with TrustID, who can be found on the GOV.UK list of certified IDSPs.

We have undergone a development project within our eBulkPlus technology to integrate with TrustID which will allow users of the eBulkPlus technology to request a digital ID check via TrustID as part of establishing the identity of an applicant undertaking a DBS check. Please see below some high-level details around how this will work as part of the current DBS process within our platform;

  • A new screen will be added when a user clicks ‘Complete ID Check’, this will allow users to complete the ID process one of three ways;
    • Initiate a digital ID check via the TrustID integration
    • Complete the ID check using a digital ID check already obtained through a different provider (this must be done against the DBS ID checking requirements for Basic, Standard or Enhanced checks)
    • Complete the ID check manually as per current DBS guidelines
  • For applications where a digital ID check is initiated from our platform, this will allow you to send an email invite to the applicant containing a TrustID link for them to complete their digital ID check
  • Applicants will be required to upload photos of their ID documents and a selfie to the TrustID platform for the digital ID check to be undertaken
  • Once completed, the ID check section of their application will be auto completed including the PDF report of the digital ID check carried out being made available

Using the digital ID technology will mean that the ID check required to support a DBS application can be done completely remote without the need for the applicant to provide any documents to anyone for them to be verified. It is also a considerably more safe and robust method of verifying ID documents using specialist technology that an average person would never be able to replicate when trying to spot fraudulent documents.

There is an additional charge for using the Security Watchdog digital ID service, something which will be capture via the relevant payment method we have in place as part of your set up on our eBulkPlus platform. For more information regarding this, or the digital ID technology and TrustID, please contact us.

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