Former UK police officer made up qualifications to get high-paid Australian government jobs

Peter Ravenscroft, a 56 year old former UK police officer, has been convicted for falsifying qualifications to obtain a number of highly-paid government roles in Aus-tralia, where he has lived with his family since 2007. Ravenscroft pleaded guilty to multiple charges of obtaining financial advantage by deception, and perjury.

Over the course of five years, Ravenscroft secured employment in a number of jobs, using “blatant lies” such as claiming to be a Leeds University fellow; holding a bachelor of education from Aston University; and also holding two diplomas from a fake university, which does not exist. He also claimed that he had worked as a Detective Inspector for the UK National Crime Squad, however Ravenscroft had only ever held the role of Detective Constable, for Sussex Police. Training certificates and certificates of commendation from Sussex Police Force, were also forged by him as part of his deception.

In one employment at the Department of Treasury and Finance for Frankston City Council, Ravenscroft earned over $450,000 as a compliance and safety manager over several years, however this employment ended when he was stood down from the council whilst an investigation into his conduct was carried out.

Following this, Ravenscroft decided to move to a role at the Victorian Ombudsman, using a fake referee who he claimed had supervised him at the previous employment; in this next position, he earned $196,857. Ravenscroft was eventually arrested in December 2020.

The Judge for this case, Angela Ellis, commented:

“Deceiving prospective employers with such blatant and calculated lies is appalling behaviour indeed...You clearly have been able to perform at least one of those roles more than capably, which is what makes your offending all the more inexplicable.”

Ravenscroft has been handed a two-year community corrections order, meaning he must perform 180 hours of unpaid work in the community, whilst undergoing mental health treatment and rehabilitation.

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