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Gardaí investigate global financial crime increase in Ireland

The Garda National Economic Crime Bureau (GNECB) in Ireland has stated that it is monitoring Irish financial institutions to prevent potential infiltration by international fraud gangs. Having already arrested and successfully prosecuted one criminal who was offending while working in a bank, police believe that international criminal gangs are targeting Ireland following an increase in global fraud – believed to be due in part to the rise in home working due to the COVID pandemic.

Detective Superintendent Michael Cryan quoted investigators at the GNECB who had “found people working in financial institutions rather than infiltrations” however did not confirm whether such individuals had sought employment with the intent to commit illegal activity or whether existing employees had been corrupted through bribery or blackmail.

In July 2020, Tomi Jinad received a suspended four-year sentence and was ordered pay €5,200 annually until the balance of the money stolen was repaid after disabling security protocols on 26 different customer accounts at KBC Bank in Dublin, resulting in €20,000 being stolen in fraudulent transactions.

Cases such as these highlight the importance of not just a robust pre-employment screening process, but the use of recurring checks to ensure the ongoing fitness of individuals in similar positions within financial institutions.

“Working from home in big banks is another issue, they don’t even have to download the files, they just have to film it on their phones. They can’t do that in the work environment but no one is watching at home.”

Detective Chief Superintendent Pat Lordan

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