Helping HR overcome challenges around stakeholder engagement, talent acquisition and management

The age-old HR challenges of not enough time and not enough money are being answered through modern technologies in Human Capital Management (HCM), with emerging tools providing opportunities for better engagement throughout the recruitment and employment journey. In addition, improved talent acquisition and retention promotes efficiency and efficacy.

Engagement is a current HR buzzword; employers are constantly looking for ways to keep candidates engaged and interested throughout the recruitment process. Bored candidates are more likely to jump ship to competitors and in this hypercompetitive labour market, the top talent have more opportunities than ever before. Ensuring a fluid, dynamic and effective recruitment process improves brand image and provides candidates with a reason to hang around.

However, a less discussed, but just as crucial, challenge can also be answered by utilising the latest HCM technologies, and that is engagement across all individuals involved in the recruitment process. Ensuring that all stakeholders, from company owners through to existing employees are on the same page throughout a recruitment drive or HR project is key to creating successful outcomes. The latest HCM tools can provide useful strategies to ensure improved engagement from everyone, making the process less tedious and more interesting, while ensuring the right information is shared at every stage.

In addition, talent acquisition has been transformed with HCM technology, with companies now able to cast a wider net to improve the chances of finding the perfect candidate to fit their roles. The latest tools provide opportunities in social recruitment, as well as promoting better security across processes. The use of mobile apps allows more effective communication between candidate and recruiter, while creating a more streamlined and efficient onboarding process.

Improvements to the candidate, worker and manager experiences thanks to the latest HCM technologies are driving massive enhancements to engagement and employee retention, as well as creating more efficient practices for managers and existing workers.

The opportunities afforded by HCM technology are revolutionising recruitment and creating the perfect environment for more successful hires than ever before.

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