How data analytics will drive the screening industry

The use of predictive analytics can be seen all around us, from suggesting what we watch next on YouTube and Netflix, through to shopping suggestions in Sainsbury’s. This is all driven by big data, the abundance of information which is now gathered from all our activities. And its usage to enhance progress in all industries and sectors is becoming more and more apparent.

Pre-employment screening offers endless opportunities to exploit the potential of data analytics; to improve processes and ensure that the recruitment process is as efficient as it is effective.

By analysing historical data, predictive analytics can identify hiring patterns and trends in both clients and candidates. Looking at what has previously been important in a candidate for the hiring company; candidate characteristics, education, skills and experience, helps us to establish more efficient screening solutions. In addition, analysing the behaviour of candidates as they go through a digital onboarding process means that software can calculate the likelihood of the candidate being a successful hire. The development of algorithms can identify the most fitting candidates which improves the talent pool and increases company diversity.

Having harvested and analysed the data, predictive analytics can also improve the pre-employment checking process and allow companies to make smarter decisions about screening. By establishing which screening package is most suitable for the screening company, costs and timescales can be significantly reduced. This also ensures that screening companies will be able to determine the popularity of certain checks and facilities in order to improve service offerings going forward.

The use of data analytics can also enhance experience at the candidate side by revealing potential problems in the onboarding process. By pinpointing at what stage of the process candidates tend to drop off, you can adjust systems to ensure that you do not lose out on the top talent.

One major benefit of utilising big data in recruitment and screening is that it offers systems and solutions based on hard facts and statistics rather than anecdotal evidence. It is less fallible than a human, and more in depth than traditional recruitment methods. While data analytics is still in its infancy, it will be a driving force in the future of pre-employment screening and recruitment solutions.

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